Im NOT going down!!! I refuse!!!

He is a Legend!

Didn’t he finish 4th/5th in that race???

Hes thinking if i drop it ill loose my no claims bonus.

‘And for my next trick!’

Isn’t that wot they call the system of bike control!!lol

You can see why all his hair fell out

I can actually remember this (shows my age)

This particular snippet has been cut well short. the original full footage from that GP race showed him running alongside the bike for a few hundred yards, his speed was something in the region of 120 mph and he still managed to re-seat and finish the race in the top five.

Can’t remember the year though, prolly 1980-82. Was gobsmacked at the time and watching again, still am. I do remember his riding style was very flambouyant, quite spectacular to watch.