I'm not a virgin anymore!

…I fell off my bike today…I went with Chrisdee,his mate Jason to Boxhill and on the way home from there my skills became unsufficient to keep up with the guys. Unfortunately instead of slowing down I slided my bike on one of the curves

I’m ok but front fairing has got few nasty cracks, and I need that thing which connects rear brake cylinder with right foot peg (how is it in english BTW? I forgot again:whistling and the end can is scratched.And my lid…

Anyway…I decided to buy leathers!The cordura that my clothes were made of is tearing veeeery fast

See ya at the ace!!

Ouch, not good man. Hope your alrite bro! Do you need the back brake lever itself or the connecting rod?


no need for leathers just look … chicks dig scars




I need this part which the footpeg is connected to.

Something like this but for my model

Lee, thanks a lot, I don’t need that to pull a chick

Oh no, Rottie! Glad you’re okay, but I bet you’re majorly pissed at having damaged your bike, and new leathers! Still, they did their job! Post up some pictures of the bike, you might get some ideas off people on how to get it all nice again. Bad luck fella

The rearset is what you need… I will enquire about it tomorrow if you want mate? What year is your Ninja? PM me your frame number also and I’ll get you a price for it from Kwakers, otherwise check out www.ebay.co.uk they might have something…


Hennessy, it’s a F model, 1996 N-reg, japanese import if it matters.Thx Jay.You misunderstood me, NOW I decided to buy a set of leathers, I was always thinkin about it but never managed to buy one.

hard luck rottie long as you are not to banged up thats all that matters Mate see you at the ace soon

Oh no mate, glad to hear ure ok! Thats the main thing! If u have leathers and u slide ull most likely suffer from minimum bruising…when i came off i didnt even have a mark on me!!!

RE: I’m not a virgin anymore!" Ah well, being a virgin is overrated anyway, i’m sure mate.I thought you handled it real well today and in a while you’ll laugh about it!

Happens to us all, I lost count of the times I’ve gone skidding down the road on my arse quite some time ago.

Should only take a day or two to get the footrest sorted, maybe we can meet on Wednesday night again and do more roundabout surfing

Sorry to hear that Rottie! Hope you are well mate! Leathers always… I have been naught lately but after chuffster and you too, I will take more care…

Sorry to hear your news Rottie… As long as your not hurt too badly… It shoudn’t take too long to get your bike back on the road…

Sorry to hear matey. Glad your not too badly off.

Do you need the whole rearset? If not, it will be cheaper to get just the hanger (traingular bit) (approx £25) is broken, if the peg (approx £10) and brake pedal (approx £10) are ok.

Post a pic if your not sure.

Call some breakers and haggle with them.

Sorry to hear that mate ghlad yoru not too badly hurt.

Dude, sorry to hear about your tumble … but as long as you’re in one piece, then life ain’t too bad!

Hopefully see you up the Ace soon!

Sorry to hear about the off. Sounds as though you escaped lightly.



Glad ur ok and still up for it. Leathers - not before time I’d say. Off to Hein G for a £300 wondersuit.

I’ve been to two breakers today and they didn’t have it

I’ve been to the Park Royal one,and to WEST 12 next to whitecity station.

Do you know any others in London?

Try parts finder…may cost a few quid but with a few hours u should have breakers calling u up…just make sure u know the exact part u need…ebay would be another good look although think that was mentioned earlier

Sorry to hear that Rootie,Good think is that ur good!!

Ill have a look 4 one in work 2moro!!! U never know what mite b liein around…