I'm not a very happy biker!

Not when this happens!!!



But you had to swerve into that lane due to car changing lanes didn’t ya.

You couldn’t not let ‘that fire engine’ pass, just had to move left out of his way.

Damn, when did that nasty fellow steal your number plate???.. and jacket, and ruck sack, and helmet?

Thats pants!

You got done again, Cezar!? You got done for the same thing on your scooter! Blimey, at least cover up your plate if you’re going to use bus-lanes!

At least yours didn’t incur 3 points unlike the crap that dropped through my letter box this morning.

Bad luck Cezar.

yeah…you can even see the wing mirror of that car you had to swerve around in the photo!

Thanks for the support guys! That was really me… I wish it wasn’t but it was… Law is law and know that what I did was wrong… I just think that some laws should have more common sence and need to be looked into. Bikes have to be allowed in the bus lane, that is a very dangerous area to be in the middle of the car drivers, there are 3 diversions right after that point in cars swarve around like mad. I was playing safe only.

I don’t brake the law and would like to respect it as much as I can, as I believe that we need it to rule our society, but it doesn’t mean that I agree with with them all

That money would be better off on a charity! Got cought there 3 times this year. It’s not ecouse I’m silly but that area can be very dangerous and you are forced to go there to avoid ‘I don’t know where I am’ car drivers.

Tried that one last year, unfortunatly it is video footage and zoomed in so that they can see EVERYTHING!! Called the bods who issued the ticket to complain about being forced into the bus lane and the bloke I spoke to asked me to hold for 15 seconds and then talked me through what I done, had it all on camera. DOH! Paid my fine pronto.

Unlucky that you got caught perhaps, and maybe you were doing the safe thing, can’t say as I blame you for that. BUT, you have been done in exactly the same place 3 times in a year? Perhaps you should change your route mate, either that or stay out of the bus lane at this point.

Yes, I knew that was on video… I will take the risks of be in the outside of the cars from now on! Ridiculous

Hey Cez, join the club.

I’m off to go and view the CCTV evidence now of my one. To see exactly why I did go into the bus lane and to see if I had a reason to do so that may get me off my ticket. If you call the number at the back and on the bottom of the letter you can go and view the full evidence.

What really does annoy me is that if you get caucght and ticketed by the Police this offence will cost you £30. If done by Lambeth Council it will cost you £50 as long as you pay it within 14 days and the £100 if you don’t,



Trojan… I don’t have a proper excuse. The cars where very close to each other and didn’t do anything bad but I know that as soon as they get near that junction they start to realise that the ones in the left should be in the right and so on. I have seen it too many times there…

Is that the camera going towards Herne Hill station? If so then I was done twice by it in 2 weeks . Also, if the same camera I know that the lane is 9 times out of 10 empty while the other lane is feed by Croxted Road and from the Tulse Hill road.

Yes! you are spot on there mate! You know how hard is to get on the outside of that line. The buses and the cars coming from the other side are crazy!

Erm you could always queue in the lane as intended… we have no rights to avoid queues. and 3 times !! Have word with yourself Cezar “I must not use bus lanes” " I must not use bus lanes" “I must not use bus lanes” LoL LoL

But hey, at least it’s irrefutable proof that you do ride the ZX6R sometimes No more mick taking for sure.

lol! I never said I was right Andrew. I’m wrong but the law is silly. Yes, I do ride the bike, note that it was dry though

I go along there every morning and think back to the 100 notes I wasted . Now I’m always on the otherside of the road with the indercater on with the Youshi cans most people know I coming

ahahahah you and me both in the dry mate