im new

im new in town just moved down from yorkshire .

i saw a sticker at the ace cafe on street fighter sunday and decided to say hi . wasnt the stunt show exalant,i think those guys are insaine.

Welcome to LB.

What biker do you ride?

hi and welcome

Aye Oop !

Hello and welcome


Hello, Welcome to LB…



What do you ride and where are you based now?

welcome to LB


normaly a woman lol na ive got a honda cub90 she’s a bute

Hello there - loadsa newbies, excellent. ONly joined myself yesterday - see you See you at BM tonight?

Hi Alice, how was the BM meet - rained out?

im still counting down for my new bike…


Good turn out considering the p***ing rain! Ride home was hellish (first time in the dark and v. slippy) but worth it. Hang in there for the bike - not long now

Yeah, patience is a virtue as they say.

Damn those virtues people!

Glad to hear people turn out in all weather - wouldnt want to travel from north london to find an empty market!

Virtues are over rated i reckon!

You know it!

Looking forward to meeting you.