Im new!!!!

Hiya everyone! Just to let you know Ive joint and wishing everyone happy biking

Hi ya Big C…

And welcome to LB>.

Enjoy the madness…


I’ll have a mojito please…

" Ive joint " he says…

well pass it!!

Hey Big C welcome aboard!!! enjoy

to reply to your other post i dunno of any ride on sunday but there is the Southend Shakedown on Monday starting from the Ace Cafe…

Hi bud

Hey Big C, welcome to LB! Post up a picture of your bike in the Pictures & Video forum if you’ve not done already!

Ello B C, welcome to LB

“I’ve joint…Well pass it”

V.good Capt.

Didi bah doh doh…I,ll have a Coconut and Irn Bru !!

welcome Big c, enjoy

Hi and welcome to LB mate.