I'm new

Hi all I’m new to this and I don’t know what to do???

Introduce yourself, what you riding? what riding history etc

I only recently got into riding and I’m planing to get a good bike but I can’t get it just yet and the bike I got I’m selling it for a good one

Most people do a few paragraphs to introduce themselves with bike pictures etc lol.

Welcome to LB by the way :slight_smile:

Why thank you and I’ll keep that in mind :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB - tell us a bit about yourself? 

Any bike is a good bike in my books

Hello Cleowish and welcome to LB.  It’s not as mad as they say - it’s just plain nuts.

If you take a look at the other newbies, you’ll get the idea of what to say.

Welcome to LB Cleowish! What bike do you want to get?

Hello all thank you for you messages and for welcoming me and I hope to get to now you all.

also I my goal is to get a yamaha r6 but at the moment I got a moped and saving up money to get a dirt bike or a good bike 

Good on you. Come down to our Borough Market meet one Wednesday night if you can.

Thanks Jay I’ll keep that in mind

HI and welcome, do you know kishan he has a moped.

Yo cleowish! Welcome aboard👍

Beat:me to it Rusty. Was:going to ask if lives:jn Watford :slight_smile:

Welcome btw, do tell us about your moped. Does it have any mods like go faster stripes?

To answer you question bluelagos no it does not have any mods it’s just a plan one but I will get a good bike soon once I sold it

also I my goal is to get a yamaha r6  Cleowish
You can aim higher than that lol

Get an r3. Honestly.

And welcome :slight_smile: