im new here to :{}[]

hi another new kid on block no pics of bike yet (it’s only a cbr 125 r and it’s Fu**ing awesome) im getting a cbr 600rr soon if i dont get my hands on a decent 400 .

Hello Misty00, welcome to LB! 125’s can be just as much fun as a larger bike, so don’t worry, we don’t discriminate! Hope to see some snaps soon. Enjoy…

Small bikes rule, on a small bike you feel like your thrashing the nuts of it all the time, on a 1000cc bike you feel like your about to die all the time…

hummm mind you feelling like you may die at any moment is Appealing to some

welcome to LB mate

Hi there Misty00… Welcome to LB… Enjoy the ride…

yeah welcome to LB

Ello misty, welcome to LB

Hello and welcome to the forum, don’t worry about what your bike is, its a bike and that means you are a member of the big happy family.

hi ya,

another cbr125r whoopeee… that makes 3 of us now… we are growing in number…



I’m gonna need a lot more stick Weaver, a lot more welcome Misty