I'm new here, I would like to meet you all!

yoooo to all my biker brothers & sisters, nice to meet you all. I’m new here on the forum and like 3 months into motovlogging. I am based in watford/NorthWest London! Where is everybody from???

Watford.  :slight_smile:



Hi Ashalizir.  I’m in Enfield.

What is your site?

Hi - i’m based in Addlestone

OOH, Another Vlogger!!! My favorite!!!

Hope your riding is Squeeky clean when Vlogging! 

yo ash, seen your vids on the facebook, barnet here !

Oh boy…hours of fun 


Welcome to LB, come and meet us on Wednesdays meet ups at borough market. Quick word of advice, be careful when posting videos here, if you are going to have a go at someone on your videos, make sure that your riding is 100% perfect before that, there is history of other Vloggers being roasted in here.

Was Watford now just up the road in Apsley, welcome!

Yeah welcome! See you at Borough Market in the new year :slight_smile:

Welcome, Hemel here

Welcome, Wembley Park. Do you ride yer bike by chance?

Just asking is motovlogging a new name for helmet cam Warriors

You want:some feedback on your youtube clip? Kindest thing I would say is don’t give up your day job :slight_smile:

Welcome, Wembley Park. Do you ride yer bike by chance? Jetstream
I think he delivers to Wembley

Don’t be a knob hahHa

Im suprised that his day job have allowed him to post the videos and being advertised so much …

Ash, just a heads up, im sure im not the only one. But If I came back to someone touching my bike I would not be best pleased! I know its only a business card but my bikes are my pride and joy and not to be touched without permission!! Id be careful when you go round spamming bikes.

Also, what are the cards for? If its a legitimate business and I found them on my bike that would be enough for me to never use that company