I'm new around here

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Been lurking around for a few weeks now, you know, getting a feel for the placeand all.
I’ve been riding my 125 scoot on a CBT for a few years and finally got myselfaround to taking the theory test which I passed this week.

So now I’ve decided to get cracking with a DAS course (I have an induction onMonday) which, all going well will hopefully see me taking a 3 or 4 day coursein the next couple of weeks. I know on forums that it’s usually customary tocontribute a bit before asking for stuff but, sadly, I don’t really haveanything to contribute at the moment so can I just be rude and ask for someadvice???

Firstly, While I’ve been riding for a few years, my SH125 is twist n’ go and ofcourse the DAS is going to be on a proper big bike with gears. I’ve riddengears before when i was young, messing about on scramblers and such so theconcept isn’t all that alien to me. Have any of you done a DAS course withouthaving prior ‘geared’ experience and if so, how was it for you?

Secondly, what should I expect from the course? Personally, I think I’m apretty safe rider, I try not to break the rules and particularly recently, havebeen trying to ride like I’m being examined every time (lifesavers, safedistances, proper road positions etc). I’m not overly concerned about the Mod2test mainly because it’s road riding and as long as I pay attention toeverything I’m told on the course and play sensible on the day it shouldn’treally be that taxing, right?
It’s the Mod1 that gets me worried. Is it really as hard as some people makeout?

Thirdly, assuming I pass, and I will, even if I have to do it ten times! I’vebeen thinking about an 07 Hornet 600. Is this a good idea as a first bike or amI aiming to run before I walk? (for background, I got my full driving license in1996…you can do the math)!

Thanks all!

Hi welcome to LB:D

Congrats on the pass, the Hornet 600 is a good first bike,

as for the test I cant say, did it many moons ago:D

im sure some one will let you know soon,

Good luck ride safe

welcome aboard mate. yes the hornet 600 - brilliant bike!!! :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to LB.

If you speak to szymon on here. He comes from a similar biking background as you so his advice will probably be helpful. His a friendly chap too and doesn’t mind a long conversation :).

For your test just forget everything you know and start from scratch. You’ve probably picked up some bad habbits along the way, just like all of us. Best advice I can offer you in terms of DAS is go to a reputable place for your training. The extra £50-100 they will charge for their experience is well worth it in my opinion.

I find that Mod1 took me back to my CBT. All it is really is a glorified CBT. A good way to prepare yourself mentally so you know what to expect is by watching clips on Youtube. Everyone will tell you remember its not a race and if you don’t hear the instructor’s instruction just “go the wrong way the right way”. They can’t fail you for taking wrong turns but they can fail you for suddenly shooting across several lanes to try and make the turning!

Finally, the Hornet is a great bike. Don’t rush into buying a bike as your probably going to have it for a couple of years, the last thing you want to do is regret your purchase. Do some insurance quotes. See what works for you in terms of practicality and financially. It is common for people to drop their first bike due to the weight of the bike, etc so crash bungs might be an idea. R&G crash bungs can also reduce your insurance some people have told me.

Thanks guys
I’ve had a look at Mod1 on youtube, does look a bit like a CBT to be honest.
The bike choice is based on what I’ll mainly be using it for…a bit of commuting, the odd ride out for the hell of it and occasionally, a bit of a long trek to north wales but that will be a once a year thing.

Have any of you had experience/heard of these guys? http://www.northlondon-mct.co.uk/
Im going for an assessment with them…

Hello & welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your pass… And yes, the hornet 600 is a good first choice…

As for MOD1 & that company I can’t comment.
I took mine before it was split into modules. And I’ve no experience with them.

Good luck with your DAS

Welcome to LB =)

NLMCT are very good I did my CBT with them, and then went back to do my DAS. I know a few other people who have done their training with them aswell, and were very happy. They are all very friendly and will give you sound advice. Another good point about them is they use a car park near to their office to do the Mod 1 training, and they are very thorough with their teaching. They use ER6n’s as their training bikes.

As for the Hornet, they are a first good bike, plenty of people on here ride them. The ER6 is also a good first bike, so if you end up doing the DAS with NLMCT you will get some experience of them too :slight_smile:

Good luck with your training!

Looks like you and the Hornet are a match made in heaven.

Also, try something fully faired (like a sports bike like a GSXR600 or sports tourer GSX650F) and a semi-faired bike (Fazer 600).

A small word of advice, If your training on an ER6n, the mass is carried lower than on the hornet.

So just be aware that the hornet may feel a little top heavy compared to the ER6n.


Welcome To LB :slight_smile:

NLMCT is a great school i passed full licence with them and 5 mates full licence aswel great guys

Hornets a good first bike but get crash bars could save ya a pretty penny in the long run

If you don’t get on with NLMCT (although I can see no reason why you wouldn’t) then CAMRider in Hendon/Colindale are excellent. I passed with them 3 years ago - plus they often do two-for-one deals if you’ve got a mate who wants to learn with you.

there’s a pretty unique orange hornet on here you could buy in advance of your full license that is a good buy! :Whistling:

Thanks for all the advice!
I have my assessment with them tomorrow afternoon so I’ll let you know how it all went!

Welcome! I did my DAS with no prior bike experience at all…other then being a pillion for a few years. You’ll be fine!! Just get in as much practice as possible with the clutch control doing the slow maneuvers as that might be what you struggle with after being on an automatic (I would pressume??) Hope today goes well…don’t get too wet! :wink:

I signed up for a DAS course without ever having ridden a geared bike, and the instructor advised me to hire a geared 125 for a week before the training started. I thought that was a good piece of advice as it enabled me to get on the bigger bike on Day 1 of the course. The school I went with also hired the test centre so we were able to spend a morning practising the Mod 1 on the actual track. The only thing I found remotely difficult during Mod 1 was the U Turn. A2Z Rider Training got me through Mod 1 & 2 first time.

Well I had my assessment. Having only ridden a geared bike once (around a car park last year) since i was a kid, it all went surprisingly well.
Had a 20 minute road ride and it all came flooding back. I even managed a no feet down U turn in their yard!
Road position needs a bit of attention and the instructor pointed out that i have a habit of covering the front brake but the main deal for me (mentally anyway) was the gears.

Gave me the option of either a three of four day DAS course and, to give myself the best chance, I’ve opted for the four day option.
I start next Wednesday.
All in all, well pleased with myself!

Good luck with your test. Glad today went well for you :slight_smile:

Glad it went well! Good luck and keep us posted! :slight_smile:

Hi Mate,

As Daniel says, I have a similar background - and I passed my test with the same school yesterday :-). I put up a review here:


Net: I think you made a good decision!