I'm Mostly Harmless...

Hi folks,

Just signed up and doing the newbie saying hello thing. Might have half way met one or two of you folks already as I have been in the habit of stopping in at the Ace Cafe about once a week or so. I also went on the Ace Toy Run a couple of weeks back. It was my first Toy Run and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Well for those who were there will know that it was a great ride out, and I will definitely be planning on doing more. Now that I know the routine I’ll be sure to dress for the occasion next time.

Not sure if my ride (a Beemer 650 GS Dakar) will fit in that well with the London Bikers thing? Don’t see that many of them about.

Well, I might see one or two of you at the Ace on New Years Day?

(The ‘might see you’ is meant with reference to myself and not to you!)

Till later, Noel.

Welcome to LB.

We’re and friendly bunch and no-one really minds what you ride.

Hello and welcome to LB

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi folks.

Hey madscientist - you got one of my nicknames!

And animal111, I guess you’ve been to the Ace Cafe too!

Welcome and Happy New Year

Hello Noel and welcome to the forum… Have fun…

Hey MostlyHarmless, welcome to LB! It doesn’t matter what you ride, all are welcome. It’s the person, not the bike that counts.

Hi again, and thanks for the welcomes.

I’m from the Stanmore neck of the woods - that’s about the top end of the Jubilee line - which as you’ve no doubt guessed makes it not too far out of my way to stop in at the Ace.

As for my motorcycle as far as it being the 650 GS Dakar I didn’t spend too much time thinking it through when I bought it. I was just so happy to be back on two wheels again!

Till later, …

welcome to the site

Poke, slap, smack, prod with the newbie stick.

And as long as what you ride has wheels and not hooves, you’re very welcome! (I’m a bit scared of horses, always feel they know it and they’re trying to stand on me.)

Welcome to the fold fella.


Welcome to LB…

Have a happy new year fella.


Welcome to LB

Hi and welcome to LB’s, Happy New Year, see you at the Ace sometime


welcome to lb mate,

Welcome to LB Hope you can make the newbie meet.

hello MH

enjoy yourself and be happy

Nice to have met you in person today

See you out and about