I'm missing my bike...

Hello everyone i’m come from Taiwan. now i am studying English in Brighton.

Before i came to England ,i always rode my motorbike to countryside or mountain with my friends every weekend. Every day i saw lots of bikes on the street and that reminded me thought of my bike. I’m missing my bike… i want to hire the bike , but in England hire bike is very expensive.So I gave up…

Maybe next wednesday i’m going to LB “see” motorbikes. I hope i have a chance to chat with other riders.

Please don’t mind my poor English.:smiley:

This is my pictures in Taiwan.:cool:

Great pics there fella,
Hi and welcome! :D:D

I’d miss those bikes too . . . very nice.

Welcome to LB!

Welcome to LB, Benson. Nice bikes, nice roads in Taiwan. Love that mountain photo.


Great pictures! See you on Wednesday, perhaps… :slight_smile:

look foward to saying hello :smiley:

Love the pictures :slight_smile:

Nice bike :slight_smile: great pics, love the last one :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello there, Nice pics… :smiley:

Hi!! Come and meet us at the Ace Cafe on a wednesday but the the best day to see loads of bikes its on friday night!! well…depending on the weather!!:smiley:

welcome dude! somevery nice looking bikes in those pics…and the scenery looks very nice :smiley:

i love that last pic lol :D:P:D

hopefully chat soon!

Great pictures Benson - lovely CBR! :slight_smile: Taiwan looks really nice.

amazing pics fella look like great roads to be on! :slight_smile: welcome :smiley:

Thanks for everybady likes my pics~~:P It’s my pleasure to share my pics. :smiley:

I want to chat with everybady , but i’m worry my “speaking” is not good =.=’’

Maybe i will try to chat with everyone , seems like chat with my Taiwanese friends.

Because all of us are love MOTORBIKE~:w00t:

Could you tell me how to go to ACE cafe? (buy tube)…i don’t have bike in England:crying:

Before i saw Ace cafe in “Long way down” , i bought “Long Way Down” DVD ~~

It’s fantastic trip:w00t:

I love the last power rangers pic! :smiley:

Nice pics there mate,

See if you can get an international licence and then get yourself a cheap bike over here, loads of them around… :slight_smile: