Im looking for some parts

good looking headlight thats not from china/US etc, (naked style)
or similar…

-rear seat cowl for a r6 2004 5sl I think it is, any colour

-front lever set and resevoir setup like the picture below, i dont mind if the levers arnt included as long as i can buy after market adjustables to fit.

-left and right side switch gears that are less than 15years old. preferably off a yamaha.

I think thats it for now, let me know if you have what im after or anything similar…

the best looking headlights i have seen are the mt03 replicas you can pick up without brackets for £100 odd quid.

for levers id get a master from something like a sv r6 r1 gsxr i have a 08 gsxr 1000 ones to go back onto my six fiddy and just got the stubby levers delivered the other day.

speak to someone breaking a bike with that type of master and try buy clutch and master from the same person will work out cheaper =]

for switch gear cant really say id just buy cheapest crap from ebay myself lol

or if you find someone breaking say a r6 should be able to get all you need in one job lot =]

best of luck

im not looking to pay £100 for a headlight…

what is a six fiddy? do you mean fifty? its the same amount of letters it just looks stupid.

but yes, im hoping someone on here thats breaking a bike and can be trusted will give me a shout as to what they have as i dont know an LBr that both breaks bikes and is also trust worthy…

Fair enough on the headlight mabey like a mx headlight there quite cheap normally on ebay.

Just what ever you do dont go dominator lights.

If you call up say all bike spears or amazing bike spears and leave a name and number they will call you if anything comes in.

I think I have a Black seat cowl for an R6 2004 5SL in my workshop.

Will check…

My old headlight on ebay

Now there’s an invention I could use on my commute :smiley:

let me know if you do!!!

im actually already watching that haha

Demon Tweeks do a Res kit for about tweny

Fiddy is from South Park, the old Loch Ness Monster episode

Yep I do…

Big_D off here breaks bikes, maybe he’ll have something.

LOL :laugh:
Dont get me started…

(I want a Trusted source)