Im Looking For A Visor Finger Wiper

Hi, I seem to recall that there is a product in the market which is like a rubber sleeve that fits onto your index finger over your glove, and has a Wiper blade on the back of it so you can use it to wipe your visor clear.

Would anyone have a name, shop or link for such item please?

Its getting quite wet and smearing my visor clean with gloves doesnt seem to make matters any better.


hein gericke do them, think you get 2 in a packet

It’s a Vee Wipe by Bob Heath.

Essential piece of kit in this kind of weather if you don’t already have gloves with the wiper incorporated.
But make sure it fits securely, mine is on the road somewhere as it fell off recently :frowning:

I didnt manade to find it on the HG site M-DD! hope you’re all good by the way, i see you’re still hitting up the BCR…nutta!

anywho some more googling and i found it, its called the Vee Wipe, looks like a worthwhile buy!

edit: haha cheers garrett…i found it just as u messaged lol

I find the wipers built into the gloves so much better than the wipers that you wear separately. I think all glove manufacturers should include a wiper and I cannot understand why anyone builds a waterproof glove that has no capability to wipe the viser!.

With a fairly new, clean, visor, my screen set to a suitable height, and if you go a decent clip, I find I don’t really get those problems.

might be a good idea to try it on before you buy… :wink:

i have the wipey in two sizes (L for wintergloves M for summergloves)

I have the suomi visor that has a rain repellant coating, the raindrops tend to just move away above about 50mph… :slight_smile: Even at lower speeds they tend to collate together and wipe away very easily without a vee wipe :slight_smile:

bought one from infinity yesterday for about £5, tested it out today.

Prob 2nd most recommended item for an all weather rider i would say after a decent fully waterpoof set of kit. dont see myself riding in rain without it regardless of any visor coatings [which my shoei may have, i dunno :S]



I was missing mine today.

They do that very well I must admit and for when I’m wearing my Arai I use a Nikwax Visor Proof. You spray it on a bit like RainX for car windscreens

joe rocket make a pair of gloves cant remember model name but come with wiper fitted to glove.

Hi Yes we do thats Dhofty,

There a pack of 2 for £3.99 or you could try Nikwax Visor proof for the same money, which is like rainex for cars helps the water bead up and run off.

Hope this helps

Yeah we do too,

There an all season glove not too thick/not too thin and are sheltex lined so there 100% waterproof, they have a thin rubber strip on both pointing fingers to remove excess water.

There called Bladers and retail at £39.99

Looks like it will do the job, I will be ordering one soon!