I'm liking the Z1000SX - but will hybrids like this break our sports bike addiction?


I love the text at the end 'Scenes performed by professional riders under controlled conditions’unlike my riding - which is ‘performed unprofessionally and in out-of control conditions’:smiley:

If I was in the market for a brand new bike, this’d be pretty high on the list of suspects…

Yeah - either the Kawasaki or a Yamaha FZ1000 Fazer which is a similar sports/road bike hybrid.

Januarys Bike magazine is making out that the Kawasaki hybrid is a whole new concept - but to be fair I think Yamaha got there first with the Fazer thou.

Road biased bikes receiving donated engines, brakes and suspension from sports bike siblings is nothing new - but the Kawasaki and the Yamaha do come across as authentic ‘sports’ bikes - but with practical riding positions and the extra room you just don’t get on the latest track biased sports machines.