im leavin......on a r6, dont know when ill be back again.

hello fellow bikers, my time in the u.k is nearing its end.

i recieved my 3 year contract today and i officially start work in munich, germany on the 1st of june. i will be leaving in 2 and a half weeks time, and just wanted to say that it was a pleasure meeting you guys at the ace, waterloo, and on the ride-outs.

i will be living 45 mins from the nurburgring circuit… and will be spending as much time as i can on the track.


anyone gonna be at the ace today?..

otherwise see you guys at waterloo tomorrow.



just when we started to have fun!!!

nice to have met ya mate…good luck in ya new job…and rip up germany!!!

might be up the ace later as i wanna break 500miles today,

speak soon pal


Only met you the once mate but in case I don’t catch up with you tomorrow night, best of luck for the new job and enjoy Germany.


Have a great time on the old Autobahn and let us know if they filter. Whenever I have been to Germany nobody seems to filter and that always puzzled me.

Hopefully see you tomorrow night mate. Keep in touch, I aim to be at the ring sometime this year, perhaps we could hook up.

Also, good luck with the job and well done for getting it.

Been a pleasure mate.

If I ever get over to run the ring I’ll have to look you up.


Nice one, see you on Wed to say goodbye and good luck.

most definitely, if any of you guys do visit the ring, be sure to PM me.

All the best for your new life in Germany! Are you actually riding the r6 over or getting it shipped? Do you need to do any mods to comply with German regulations? They might be a bit more particular about noisy exhausts, etc.

Best of luck with the new job, hope you enjoy the easy access to the ring (that is so calling for a misquote :expressionless: )

Hey Oodi, all the best with the new job and location. It’s a shame you have to come and go, but that’s life, eh! You’re going to be placed in one of the best riding locations in Europe, enjoy, and respect the 'ring!!

See you tomorrow night.

Hey 666, Good Luck with the new job! Oh… and great news about being that close to the Nurenburg Ring… How cool is that!

Goodbye and good luck…

oh no Oodie…

thats so sad… i am not gonna be able to see those world famous wheelies anymore…

be sure to send us lots of photos whenever you’re on track

and good luck with the new job…

see ya round take care on the roads and with the throttle

All the best mate! Have fun and keep logging in and posting your bike adventures to keep us informed

Well Oodie it was nice to have met you and the fact that you particularly hooked up very nicely with me Dan, Steve, Barro and AbbeyJ.

I am sure this will not be the end and we will meet again wether in London or Munich.

see you tomorrow night for a nice farewll drink with you and everyone else at the Cubana.

Its sad that u had to leave so soon


thank you all very much, meeting all you peeps was really cool, i thoroughly have enjoyed myself on the last couple rideouts twice to hastings, once to brighton and on the st georges run…and especially at cubana, i really love that place!.

if it wasnt for all you guys, id be a loner riding by myself, or even worse ‘with the girlfriend’. so id like to take this opportunity to thank you all for giving me a very nice welcome to the LB community, and an even more lovely… farewell.

will definitely keep in touch via email, via LB website, and post pictures of me on the track, looks like im gonna have to change my knee sliders more times than ill need to change gears.


Think of LB as home away from home, Oodie, post up when you can, all are welcome here remember, regardless of location.

have a good time auf deutschland!!

maybe an LB rideout to the OKTOBERFEST!!!