Im Lazy And

I know this is lazy because down stairs is a t.v guide but i know i’ll forget to look so what times the motoGP on tomorrow?

BBC 2 coverage starts at 12:35 - so race is probably 13:00 or 13:15.

Thanks Toby 1

No worries, I’m just as lazy…I’ve got Radio Times as one of my favourites cos I can NEVER find the blo*dy TV guide…

thats a good idea i might do that

Trix8… we have TV listings for everything bike related on the main page of the site… No need to get up and go down stairs…

Wicked Thanks Foxy when my mum says why dont u come down stairs i’ll say its ur fault thanks

nah im jokin

Careful the Motor GP starts at 04.00 on Eurosport with the 125’s i think its after 6 for the Motor GP, the program on BBC2 is just high lights at 12.35.



The Big boys kick off at 07.30am live on eurosport uk. sky 410

125’s start at 04.00am.

My alarms set!!

I did wonder about the Beeb’s coverage, pretty blax, and no replay’s of the vital moments.

Then cut to the Golf…when are they gonna learn…they pay millions for the coverage rights and then half A*SE it? Why…