I'm in the doghouse

I’m in the dog house and i have no friggin idea why:w00t:

I have been with my women for 29 years now and i still dont know how they friggin work:w00t: If i can get a fecking word out of the old cow i’m gonna ask her what the friggin problem is:D

is it that time of the month:D

Dont worry Rob - you’ve always got Westie to fall back on :wink:

Multiple women? Not woman? Maybe thats why xD

No:w00t: I asked her and got some grunted reply:w00t: All i can gather so far it was last night when she spoke to me about practicing safe sex:w00t: i mean come on we have been together for ever for feck sake.:w00t: But you all know me i agreed so im puzzled:ermm: so what did i do wrong:w00t:

If you get an answer, do share it with us :slight_smile:

I got a couple more grunts out of her:w00t: She said to me to wear one of those you no whats:w00t: I was shocked but still did what she wanted so am still puzzled:w00t:

Without wanting to get too personal Rob - you’ve been together for many years and yesterday she suggested safe sex (condom?) - so by agreeing, in her mind you are either

a. Playing away
b. Think she is
or both

Mate - what were you thinking? No wonder she hates you if you can’t trust her or be faithful. Some serious grovelling to do!

Sh*t Nick i didn’t know she ment one of those:w00t: i went to the car and got my Hi-Vis out and put that on:w00t: no wonder she’s pissed:D


Mate, you’re going to get no sympathy from me. Lets be clear, last night a lady asked you if you wanted sex.

I, by comparison, was watching the Dave channel with a cup of coffee and a curly wurly for company.

If she’s only grunting, have you left the gaffer tape over her gob? Worth a quick check. Maybe some oral would be safer? (Remove tape first) :smiley:

Maybe it should have been orange and not yellow:D

Surely he could make a just big enough hole in the gaffer tape? Best of both worlds.

HHAHHAHAHAH @ Hi-Viz. I’m gonna try that one next time I get a chance.

LOL, i tried really hard not to laugh at this thread, but Nick’s comment above just cracked me up :w00t:

I have the easy solution for you.
You say you have been together for 29 years
From this I only assume that she is therefor over 30
Time for a new model. That will give her something to really be pissed off about :w00t:

It’s OK Mel you were meant to laugh, I’m crying sitting here:D

Err, maybe she’s run out of the pill? … just a thought.

if it was me and i have been with her and no one else i would be worriedthat she aint or she thinks you aint you need to talk ask her straight.good luck and pls dont say i told you to ha;)

I hope she beats your arse boy :smiley:

You wind up merchant! :stuck_out_tongue: