I'm in Luv with an Arai.

Very Tempted, but I’ve heard U.S sizes are different to U.K? $550.00 Can’t be bad for an RX7, I think that works out about £300.00…


arai 1.jpg


very smart i hope they have some decent lids at the show

Will be keeping my eyes peeled for this one on monday.

what if theve only got one…looks like gettin me runnin shoes on as i’m there monday

Got me nikes on!!!

ooo nice - want me to keep an eye for you tomorrow!? PM me your number and I could put a deposit on it if I see it.


PM sent

You meant to be running???

Very different lid I have seen a few of Arai’s future desgins they look a lot more like Shoei paint jobs.

I really like the Kagayama rep . . .

£300 is a lil outta budget at the moment



i have always loved my arai’s had my first mamola rep in the late 80’s buy a new arai every 2 yrs

only had 1 shoei in that time crashed in it 3 days after buying it so never again.

mind you it was a james haydon rep

jz what colour do you like,blue/white,red/white or grey/white as i maybe able to sort you something out as we have them in stock.

what size are you in shoei,go try one on and let me know

I like the blue n white dude . . . I’m usually a size 58 . . .Lemmie know Bro


I’ve got the Schwantz replica at the moment, and I think I’m going to get the same one after trashing the lid last Monday. It’s on special at the moment which is a bit of a bonus, and you get a free dark visor, but then again you get the same deal with the Doohan rep which I like aswell…decisions decisions


bender what size are you i have got a doohan in small you can have for £280.

ring me at rex judds in west hampstead if you really want one,cant leave the number keeps getting taken out.

ask for john in clothing

Thats’ a nice lid…its a Tommy Hayden rep (Nicky’s younger bro), think it came out here in 02…if you like that design might also wanna check out this KBC helmet with a “Gunslinger” design.



i have a medium kbc gunslinger,if you want to talk about a price

Have you got a large and what price? or the Force RR with the jet fighter theme and lady on the side? I’m thinking of getting new kit to prepare for my test.

Did you see one?

dude, you could also try bikersbargains. My £400 Arai was a steal for £280. Comfiest thing on the planet.

i’ve also just bought an Arai RX7 from bikers bargains. Is someone gonna tell me how they can be sold so cheap (374 for 2006 RX7 Rep)?

if it’s bad news then don’t bother - i’ll be happier not knowing!!