im in lurve.....

woo hooooooo

just picked up my lurvly new K5 750 and is it rapid or what

bring on the summer sun

Congrats Dostle! That’s THE machine you got there! Be safe

Great news… You lucky bugger!!!

You can’t beat a 750 for complete naughtyness… Enjoy…

Nice one mate, one of the few Suzis I would touch, its a stonking bike.

Nice one mate have fun!

nice one mate…congrats!!!

truley a crackin bike…!!!

it’ll be the best fun you’ve had with your trousers on!!!

so they say…

ride safe dude




Great choice Dostle! Enjoy it!

thanks people, BIG smile. god i love bikes.

now wheres me catalaogues cause i NEED one of those and some of them and def one of them and oooooo thats nice…

I’m soooo jealous, thats what I’ve been looking at - but thats all I do is look, need more pennies - a lot more!

Nice one mate


Well done, they are a lovely bike

Cool as! … enjoy!!

Gorgeous bikes those gixers, can’t wait til the missus goes back to work, I’ll have a thou please!

Although that new k6 750 in black is rather tasty.

welcome to the 750 club mate, congrats.

nothing more thrilling than the hard edged metalic roar of a 750 gixxer being spanked.

humm maybe ill record mine and lisen to it as im going to sleep…

mick just do like the rest of us an GET IT, then think about paying for it later


its only money as they say and what price summer rides, they are priceless, besides you only get 1 life and man the weather today was tops

still smiling

Great choice stay safe have fun, it’ll have you smiling everyday wether your riding it or not