I'm Honoured... I think? :D

Sitting here in pain, all my lot gone out on the mountain bikes (again!), I’m in the midle of quitting smoking so feel like I gots bugs in me brain, and I see this:

LB has an uncanny ability to put a smile on my face everyday :smiley:

i want mine changed!!:smiley: not fair :frowning:

ratty rentboy?:stuck_out_tongue:

Nah - that wouldn’t fit - from what I’ve heard the last thing Ratty does is hang about on corners :smiley:

hahaha well when shiver can ride properly and has a chance of staying behind me long enough…he may learn how to corner:D:P

bring it on ratman i may be awhile op on wednesday

you have 0% chance dude!

if i m felling nice i will slow down a bit…:smiley: hope the Op goes well fella;)

How did you change it Stevie ?

PS Get well soon sweetie :kiss:

Hehe… I didn’t :smiley: Think only the mods can change it :DTa - getting very bored and started selling stuff on ebay to keep me occupied… I’m sure we don’t use that potato peeler anymore - gotta be worth 50p…