i'm happy

things ain’t been going great recently, binned my ride down the road about a month ago. i did an engine case and some other cosmetic stuff (snaped lever, dented the tank etc) and it was at only 25-30 mph. it was on a subsided drain cover on a left hander (that i knew was there, i felt so ***kin’ embarreced!!!) i have a slowish zxr250 and at the time i had just nipped down the town to get some baby supplies, had my mind on other things and just lowsided after clipin the drain. another trip down the road, i’m still holding on with my right hand (waving at the shocked onlookers with my left ) and the engine wailing as it hit the rev limiter at 19thou, so a few people looked to see what was goin on.

i walked home with deep grazes on my knees and one on my wrist, appart from being pissed off for droping the bike i also that day got some alpinestars sps gloves i won on ebay and one of them got scuffed up

pushed it home that night with the help of my best mate, bit hard on the knees

she’s been sitting in my garden since and ive been hustling as much bread as possible to get the parts to get it ready to go to ireland in mid july

i didn’t know when the case was going to be delivered as it could have been a month or more if it had to be ordered from nip land,i was worried that i would have to take a flight and my other mate would have to ride there alone. but it turned up yesterday

now i have all the bits it should be back on the road fri or wed

ive been meaning to go to some LB meets cubana etc

so if it works i’ll be going on wed

so now i’m happy

well done matey! good feeling eh? sorry to hear of your spill, i can remember when i came off mine, it took me ages to save up for the parts, ah well.

hope to see you at the cubana!!


cheers dude, it sucks missing all the good wheather not to mention cubana etc. i was sure there wasnt going to be an engine case in the country, cos how often do you see zxr 250s?

hope to se ya there

Fantastic mate - nice one… I know what it’s like not having your baby - mine has been in the garage again for another week and a half :frowning:

Never mind you’re back on the road!


Glad you have recovered somewhat and the bike is on the way to repair. Bit unfortunate you had to get a part from the land of the risin sun but at least it has turned up. Good luck with getting her back into shape and look forward to seeing you sometime at the Cubana.

Pleased to hear you got it mate! Especially for such a rare bike as well. Look forward to seeing you at the meets.

thanks everyone, i’m just goin to start spannering

Good luck mate. Take your time and think of how wonderful its all going to be when its complete.