I'm gonna get very wet tomorrow...

Spare a though for poor me when you’re on your commute to work tomorrow as I’m doing the guts of 500 miles on my SV to the west coast of Ireland to see my family. Have a look at the map of tomorrow’s weather from the BBC’s website, with my unfortunate route highlighted in red, and you’ll see that I will be feeling pretty sorry for myself by the time I get off the bike. Will probably spend the time on the ferry sulking in the toilets ringing out my socks and jocks

Just hope it clears up while I’m over there though as I’m planning to spin all around the country with some mates. If it isn’t dry then we’ll just have to drink the pubs dry instead!

Ride safe everyone, look forward to finally getting to a meet when I get back in a couple of weeks!

ps, I’ve mentioned it in praise or shame but I tacked it on to an old thread: I just wanted to thank Essential Rubber for their brilliant service today as I couldn’t be more pleased with them. Check them out, you’ll leave with a smile.



Looks like a rainy trip up the M1 / 6 but you might be lucky by the time you get to the twisty bits in North Wales.

Last time out I did Fishguard / Rosslare and made the time to take “interesting” routes the whole way with an overnight near Fishguard to break it up. Those welsh know how to make an interesting road…

Enjoy your hols, even if it gets damp!

Wet or dry i still envy you ive never been ireland Enjoy yourself

Weather looks bad mate, stay safe and be sensible.

If the trip is postponable, might be the better option and enjoy the ride on a sunny day.

I’m still waiting for a dry week to go this year, I’m just down the road from where your going-Clifden.

As long as you`ve got your waterproof gear on theres no worries, have fun mate.

I can’t say i envy you.

Ride safe mate.

have a great time hun and keep safe!!! and your going to eire its going to rain!! it dont do nothing else but rain there!!!

Yuck! Here’s crossing fingers that weather system moves down the country quick sharp and leaves you a bit of dry!

“on my SV”

Hope you’ve sorted out your front cylinder from flooding by a fender extender or RE90X silicon grease from Maplins.

Enjoy Ireland.

Yikes! Safe riding bud, hope it all clears up for you - I’d say there are some gorgeous roads out there in Mayo and Galway…

Oh LORDY! Just seeing the amount of rain battering against my window I do not envy you at all. I hope you arrive safely! x

Maybe it would better to buy a cannoe for this trip

Do you really have to go this weekend?

Did you survive??? I biked to Dublin for the Skerries TT a week or so ago and it chucked it down for the whole 12 hours there and pretty much the 12 hours back…had a great laugh . It was good practice for riding thru a road/river a few days ago with water coming up to two inches from the top of my tank. Cans are still drip drying (as am i…)