I'm going to Uzbekistan!!!!

sounds like fun, enjoy claire and hope u fine a decent bike to take with ya :wink:

Sure you’ll have a great time. How are you travelling…solo, in a group, with or without support ?

Something special about travelling overland on a motorbike carrying everything you need.

Worth checking out Horizons Unlimited for info and stories from fellow travellers.


Look forward to hearing all about it…and don’t forget the photo’s.:cool:

6 Sleeps to go!!!

Am I packed yet, NOPE, cacking myself, YEP!


Good luck! :smiley:

Got Bike: check

Passport: check

Credit card: check

you’re good to go :smiley:

Good luck in Uzbekistan. We never liked you anyway, Don;t come home to soon yeah

You should take a pic of the 650 before, during and at the end - see how it fairs.

If I don’t see you before - good luck and enjoy an experience of a lifetime :slight_smile:

If you aint got nothing good to say mate bog off

+1 It REALLY is getting boring now. Anoying too :ermm:

You’ll have an absolutely wonderful time :slight_smile: It’s a beautiful part of the world and the journey will be amazing also - so do let us all know how it goes and post the pics and vids up! I’d loved to have joined you but this year my travelling is curtailed because of the home situ, but am sure it will be the trip of a lifetime and you will have an awesome experience.

One thing though - AVOID THE AFGHAN BORDER:):slight_smile: The north of Afghanistan borders with Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan and has seen a huge rise in lawlessness and Taliban activity in the past year or so - with loads of stuff going on - and western institutions and people targetted, even in Mazar i Sharif which was always fairly safe. So hopefully someone has a good sense of direction and isn’t going to bike off into the southern border regions of the country and come a cropper with any insurgents :wink:

Stay safe and keep us all posted:) Can’t wait to hear the stories!

Just how I like it then…

How ya doing Jamie? Heard from source you like big girls?

Thanks Hels for your concern :slight_smile: Mr KTMmartin has an amazing sense of direction and map reading … I just hope the £100 on maps I bought today will get us there okay and avoid any problematic borders! :slight_smile:

Moto-King … that is the most uncalled for message I’ve seen. Anyone who’s actually met BikerGirl can’t help but be a friend, even more so when she’s taking on such a new adventure.

Cool - that is fantastic - I suppose if you just avoid the south, and if there are any signs pointing to the Afghanistan Border then go the opposite way, you can’t go far wrong.:smiley:

I’d love to see the pictures of Uzbekistan - have never been there - but have worked in the central Asia / ex Soviet state region - and it’s a fascinating part of the world. Am very interested to see the scenery and the landscapes you travel through - so will be looking out for your updates and links :slight_smile:

GOOD LUCK!! Am almost as excited as you guys!

Lol…I think you and everyone else knows on here that I don’t care what I say. And I don’t care what people say about me. I love being hated.

It turns me on BABY YEAH!!! :smooooth:

How was your rideout from Oakdene Chubby cheeks x

Seeking hate doesn’t sound like the sort of thing LB is about. Are you in the right place? There are much more exciting and worthwhile things to get turned on by, like challenging yourself and your bike to roads and adventures that few have ever done before.

Quit feeding the troll… :slight_smile:

hav fun :slight_smile:

Yea, Moto King needs to get out and about a bit. He`s a big huggy bear in reality but comes across as being a little gruff.

We dislike his poorly phrased and ill thought out posts and wish he would lighten up a little, like a woodland nymph.:satisfied:

Mate I ain’t in the mood. I have been up all night feeding the badgers down my garden