I'm getting my troat and nose blocked commuting

I know that I’m not alone on that as I speak to people on my journey to work. The air has been really bad lately, I’m getting my troat and nose blocked and ichy everyday. The cyclists at work and other bikers are all complaining the same. What’s going on?? Sure it isn’t that it’s dry! I’m not alergic either

What a pain!

Hayfever. Apparently, there’s a cloud of pollen from Denmark lying low over the South East at the moment; this combined with the normal pollen and pollution levels is causing a lot of people who’ve never before had symptoms to have them now.

I hope not Paivi! It’s realy annoying…

Hey you gotta to admit the pollution from sitting with all the buses, taxis, trucks and Chelsea tractors DEFINITELY plays a part too.

I’ve worked out though you can just fit onew of those cyclists face masks underneath your helmet. Its a fiddle in cold months cos it certainly fugs the visor, but in the summer (well…the slightly less cold season it certainly helps…

So if I have hayfever I should be sneezing at the moment ? I don’t really keep track of the pollen count… Reason I ask is because I seemed to develop a hayfever type thing a couple years back but seem okay at the moment…

Not necessarily, as you might have enough natural antihistamines in your system to resist this from your previous hayfevers.

Cool ! maybe the fact that I started smoking properly a year or so ago helped…

Purely organic stuff, I hope…

Went out around Berkshire on the bike today between about 12 and 2. Eyes were stinging when I got back, suprising considering the weather (got hailed on at one point) but I’m guessing it was hayfever. Usually don’t suffer that bad!

I never used to suffer from Hayfever at all.

Over the last couple of years when the pollen count is really high I now get stinging eyes, usually just that and no other symptoms. Not nice. The anti hista whatcha ma call thems help sometimes but they ain’t cheap !

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

Three words to you sufferers, especially those complaining of the cost of the antihistamines: The Organic Pharmacy! They give you tablets for your symptoms, not just for the general ones, but really targeting those that you have. 50 tiny pills (each lasting several hours) for about a fiver. My supply used to last me most of the summer, instead of the Clarityns of this world which were a fiver every 3-4 days.




At the moment i have cabin fever!! all i am asking is for about 3 to 4 hrs of sunshine so i can go for a ride!

all this scratching is making me itch!!!