I'm getting Married!

I’m getting married…

Here’s the story (apologies in advance for rambling). Well, I’ve been planning to “pop” the question for a while, but wanted to do something a little different than the normal run of the mill romantic restaraunt jobbie - something memorable. So to coincide with her Christmas present I told Jeanette we were going away this weekend, but not where.

This drove her mad as she hates not knowing things. Brilliant. Told her we were leaving at 9am yesterday morning and told her she’d need to pack some clothes to get wet. This made her worry even more as she thought I’d booked a weekend of rafting, or something that I’d enjoy more than her.

So I drove her to Luton airport, which obviously aroused her suspicions. We then jumped on a plane to Inverness, with her questioning why we were going to the Scottish Highlands. I picked up the hire car at the other end and followed the satnav down past Aviemore in the Cairngorm mountains to our destination; The Sleddog Centre. Might seem strange to some, but Jeanette adores Huskies (we have one) and has always wanted to go on a sled ride. Unfortunately the weather up there is just as crap as it is in Oxford and everywhere is flooded, so we couldn’t go out. Not that it mattered too much. The lady there spent two hours showing us the 20-odd dogs, letting us help feed them etc. Jeanette was in her element.

(Apologies for the crap pictures, taken with the compact camera since I wasn’t going to lug the SLR around).

After a while we went into their museum and were left to look around, watch the video. This is where I got round to popping the question. I took the immediate shower of tears as a good sign. A couple of minutes later she managed to compose herself enough to say yes…

Next we drove back towards Inverness, to the hotel I’d booked, Bunchrew House. The whole place only has 16 rooms, every one different and unique.

I’d booked The Mackay Suite, which was very nice, and arranged for Champagne and chocolates on arrival. Good job she said ‘yes’, eh?

Then, this morning we had a few hours so we drove about a third of the way down the side of Loch Ness, took in some scenary and visited an old castle.

Now we’re back home and, since I’d told her beforehand to book tomorrow off work, we’ll be going engagement ring shopping in Oxford.

Bloody hell u are romantic! when i proposed to my ex, it was in a Tesco car park, mind u thats all about the old cow deserved

Best wishes to you both! Congratulations and the beers are on you on your stag night

Congratulations to you both! How romantic! Sounds wonderful to me (love Huskeys too)!

Pics are excellent too! Have to admit, this is the first LB post to have brought tears to my eyes…

Congratulations Is it a block LB invite or individual via pm?

awww thats just soo romantic!! what a babe, she is very lucky. congrats to you both

well done mate…bluddy well done!!!

all the love and luck to ya in the future…


I know the area well mate, The Sled Dog centre is only 12 miles from where I was brought up.

As for Loch Ness, that will be Urquhart Castle you were at.

Glad you enjoyed it up in my home area and a Huge congratulations on the engagement, you went to a lot of effort there mate.

Nicely done, many congratulations.

That’s brilliant. Congratulations

Thanks all. In answer to some comments, I’m not romantic so it’s completely out of character!

Trojan, you are, of course, correct. Truly beautiful scenary up there!

Nice one mate. Cant beat the different proposals.

I whisked my lass off to malta where I had already pre arranged my proposal with the marine park there, where once she was swimming with the dolphins, it was just me, her and two dolphins (and a couple of staff obviously) and I popped the question.

Like you, I took that tears to mean yes! lol

Now THAT would be my ideal proposal too !!! (why do women cry when their man asks them to marry them?) aint it what uve been secretly waiting for, is it the release of waiting all that time, or is it the "****, now im gonna have to say yes syndrome?)

But congrats to those that thought of these proposals and also to anyone that cant quite manage to pay for that sort of thing, but love their missus none the less!! Friend of mine always used to say, no money in the world will make up for anything, if u dont love each other…and that is good advice no? Well worked for me, cos i wont marry again!! (got burned big time first time round)

Been with my partner now for SO many years…but dont want to and cant see point in (not unless i want all his money in a will IF he dies before me ) But wish u all the best anyway…nice one guys !!

Massive congratulations to both of you! What a lucky lady!

Top job mate, well chuffed for ya

Booked a photographer yet…


Thanks all

Andrew, you moving from bikes and landscapes into weddings now? I can’t imagine anything worse personally - no way I’d take it on, especially for someone I knew!

Congratulations, Silver…sounds like you had the “big event” very well played.

Hopefully your time together will be long lived and filled with happiness.

Fantastic news, and a great story Damon, congratulations to the both of you! I do believe this is the first wedding we’ve had. Hope everything goes to plan and once again, thanks for all the hard work in 2006, I look forward to this year!

Cheers guys.

Me too Jay - I worked out that once World Superbikes kick things off there are six rounds (the rest being BSB) in the first eight weeks. Might need matchsticks to keep my eyes open at work! Anyway, I’m not sure that Jeanette was impressed with the idea of planning the wedding/honeymoon around the race season…!

You takin’ notes babe