I'm coming....I'm coming

I’ve just splurged a whole load of cash on bike bits…

Got my fix for 2007

It goes a little something like this…

For c*ock size enhancing increased BHP figures (also sorts out the iffy R1 fuelling at 3000 revs ).

BMC Air filter + Dynojet Power Commander USB III = £230 (delivered)

Leo Vince SBK Evo 2 Carbon slip ons with de-catalyised link pipe = £385 (delivered)

And because 160 BHP at the rear wheel is a bit scary and because R1 riders get a bad rep as squids only able to ride in a straight line…

California Superbike School Level 1 @ Silverstone = £323 (PRICELESS).

If you see me hanging at the Ace with a few copies of Big Issue…You’ll know why…But f*uck me will I have had a good year.

I feel your pain, and satisfaction Afro!! I’m right there with you, lol.

New bike, power commander, braided hoses, wheelie school, track day and now considering CSS Also want a steering dampener but that might interfere with Sat Nav and I really want that, especially after just buying the Western Europe maps and a bigger faster SD card

When will it stop

Nice toys.

im gonna have my bike tuned an suspension set up, then im going CSS

hmmm MOT first tho, lol

nice…very nice

Good selection there Afro, you won’t be dissapointed It’ll be like having a whole new bike. The CSS purchase is the best though. Of course, after more css/track time, you’ll be wanting to fettle with the suspension.

Don’t bother with gearing or anything like that, it’s not worth it on a road-bike that occasionally goes to the track. That’s the lesson I’ve learnt. I’ve not got a road-unfriendly sportsbike.

Doh…That’s another thing to do…Been speaking to B off the forum and will be giving K-Tech a call too

Jay, I was wondering about gearing so thanks for that.

I changed the gearing on the R6 for down one at the front and two up on the rear…1st gear engine braking became like a V Twin…The acceleration was nice though.

I’ll leave it alone on the R1…Just have to rev it harder to launch faster and 100 MPH in 1st gear gets good bragging rights down t’pub

Good idea, I got my K5 a Ktech Ohlins and 20mm fork kit, slapped it all on and went out to play. Error Coco. The whole geometry of the bike is far more important than just improving the damping.

Luckily I managed to drag B off the local senoritas for long enough to work his magic on the bike and it is now totally sorted, works road and track and I even have some idea of what is going on and why. OK, that last bit might be a bit of an exaggeration.

“If you see me hanging at the Ace with a few copies of Big Issue…You’ll know why…But f*uck me will I have had a good year”

Better a few copies of the Big Issue at the Ace than hanging around the docks waiting for sailors…

Do it babe…I’ll see you there

Excellent…That is some quality kit!

Let me know how you like the new slip ons…I’m looking to replace my FMF this season…I’d LOVE to have the Racefit Mega…but am concerned about the noise for everday use.

I’ve got a BMC air filter to put in too…but am going to wait until I have the new bolt on sorted out…then do the air filter/bolt one/power commander and tuning all in one shot.

yeah add to that the custom fuel map for the PC3, it aint cheap!

Will do mate…Speak to Jay about Racefit as he seems to love his.

Well that’s not actually essential…Will get a map off someone who has done the work already.

PS. Yeah I know every bike is different…But its not a huge amount.

You’ve spent all that money and you are not willing to go that mile extra… well your choice. Just saying, I’ve had problems with mine ever since putting on a race pipe, air filter and modifying the stock ECU settings. I could probably iron them out with a PC3 and a couple hours on the dyno but that’s gonna cost a chunk. I was only thinking of doing a few mods but it seems you either have to go all the way or you are going to end up with a compromise. Sure I’ve now got 128 rwbhp but it feels as if the fueling has a slight stutter, something I’ve been back a couple of times to try and iron out but they couldn’t put a finger on. Maybe I’m just being fussy, but it is my bike and I want it to be spot on. Probably not many people would even notice but I know its not right.

Yeah I hear what you’re saying…I’ll see what it feels like with the map I can get from the website, and then decide on the dyno and custom map route.

afro, if you arnt going to get a custom map done then i would suggest not to bother fitting the power commander, the whole point of it is to set it for YOUR bike. you dont know who did the map, conditions for the day, how good the dyno operator was etc. get it set up properly you will NOT be dissapointed. after all, you wouldnt just fit an ohlins then not get it set up for you would you?

Get the PC set up mate, chances are it wil be running lean at the top end, bye bye valve seats


Ermm…Hi Xabier

Is that your 07 R1 in that pic…nice.

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