Im bored!

Ive had such a stressfull day at work,what with xmas concerts & a xmas kids party 2moz! Anyone out there?

Well, I am… Not for too much longer, though, as I have to be at work in CW for 8am! Shock horror!

Office xmas party tomorrow, and people can’t believe I’m not going! Instead of the usual lies of being double booked etc I just gave it to my boss straight and said that I couldn’t think of anything worse than spending my evenings, too, with people I don’t like! LOL! He’s not sure if I was joking or not!

Glad im not the only one,im having a glass of wine 2 de-stress!

just finished work…

grave yard shift…

How does one entertain you ma’am?

be quick before I lose it to steven seagal on TV

I just like 2 chill with a glass of white & some r&b like i am now,so how u doing seem a bit down since ive been reading ur messages!

ahh I am in a mental mode… hard times… this is not the forum for mental patients though, lol…

nahh my saying right now is…

“I am on top of the world, but the world is not too great right now”

the moral being I am on top of it… heh

Damn, I forgot I had some wine! Oh, well, it wouldn’t have gone with the Pralines and Cream Haagen Dazs icecream… I wish Waitrose would stop the HD promotion (2 tubs for £4, so that’s almost exactly half price!), as this is sooooo not good for me!

HD works much better when you add the booze… the baileys for example should be added on all flavours… lol

Mmmm, Bailey’s! Definitely very nice with vanilla ice cream! Didn’t they use to do a Bailey’s one? The strawberry cheesecake on is v nice, too. My favourite is still the Full Vermonty, with maple syrup!

Good girl im out of goodies!Except the wine like i said b4 life is really 2 short 2 worry about s–t,so live life 2 the max,i should know,so trust me!

I am holding back my bottle of fine cognac until Christmas day… heheh

So r u o.k? Even though ur saving ur cognac?

Alright 4 some!

Christmas is never really fun in my family… I had a great xmas when I ‘borrowed’ someone elses family lol…

Xmas day is get drunk and watch tv… and I got the good stuff to make the day special…

I’m so happy that I’m not the only one! My mom just told me that she’s coming from Brazil to spend xmas with me… Told her to come on 27th tha it would be ‘better’ but she said ‘no’ I want to spend xmas with you… I was planning to spend xmas alone in spain in my bath with a nice bottle of Jack Daniels… Now I will be waiting for my meal at 12pm on the 24th and if not only be starving wasn’t enough, now I will have to pray before eat… Last night I had a long chat with my friend Jack… Feeling so **** now…

Thanx will remember that,really loved the cat pic!

Cezar: Sorry to hear you won’t be heading to Spain, like me! Anything you want me to bring you from there?

…two senioritas for me and GOF

BTW Steve, why don’t you wanna go skiing with me for xmas?? I don’t know where yet, but we can find a good last minute deal!

What, each? I’ve got a better idea, why don’t you hook up with Cezar’s hot Brazilian mom so he gets to join me in the sunny Spain! What say, Cezar?

I can’t ski dude… and I have never seen snow in quantity before…

so it might freak me out… lol