Im bored again

Spoil sport wheres ya charity spirit?


Forks are back as my cheif machanic ( Dad ) fitted them. couldnt fit Brembos as im waiting spacers


Stealth 20.9.06 003.jpg

Stealth 20.9.06 001.jpg

Stealth 20.9.06 002.jpg

Stealth 20.9.06 004.jpg

Nice one Pete how long till the spacers get here.

Iv been told spacers and Ohlins shock willl be here Thurs 21st, must get my Dad round to fit them as my backs still bad and i wouldnt trust just anyone to fit them hes a true engineer Anyone notice black clip-ons ??

Questions: What are the things on the top of your forks called (were the preload adjusters go) what do they do and were can I get them from?

These are just the fork caps and adjusters from Ohlins or log into Brookracing on Ebay he can sort them for you, once iv ridden the Stealth i will report on how good the rebuild on forks and contacts mate.

Now fitted calipers shock should be in tom, but dont know when il be able to fit, as iv got to keep her in doors happy if only she knew how much id spent


Stealth 21.9.06 001.jpg

Stealth 21.9.06 002.jpg

Stealth 21.9.06 003.jpg

Sweet as a nut Pete, sweet as

Now that looks gorgeous totally and utterly gorgeous! So clean as well mate!

“wipes dribble from corner of mouth”

That is one HOT MUMMA can you take a nice pice so I can put it as my PC wallpaper had the some one for about a week and a half now needs updating…

I took the Stealth out tonight for the first time and its well sorted im well pleased the forks were done by Brookracing 07985654078, they do revalve shocks as well. The Brembo HPK calipers are brill but still need to bed the pads in, i should get the rear shock to and fitted Thurs

Well its finally here might fit it tom


Rear shock 27.9.06.jpg

QUALITY Pete what else is on your list of trick bits… you’ll soon be able to enter that ride for a BSB race

I wish mate Marchesinis are on order hopfully 6 weeks for black wheels, then maybe rearsets and thats it, till i get bored again. Maybe Leons K6 in Rizla colours as iv first refusel ( but im keeping mine as well ) and turn that into real 06 BSB rep, and no im not rich just love working on bikes and people looking at what iv done

Mate liking that new rear shock! All I can say is you bassa!

Well its on now got me Dad round to help fit the shock, only took about 1/2 hour and didnt need to remove rectifier. Thanks Jay for advice mate, iv got Yoshi rear sets coming tom when will it stop


Stealth 2.10.06 003.jpg

Stealth 2.10.06 004.jpg

Mate looking sweeter by the day! Have you won the lottery or something!

Fitted the Yoshi rear sets today and took it out for a ride, its well sorted now just need the wheels now !!


Copy of Stealth 12.10.06 007.jpg

Copy of Stealth 12.10.06 006.jpg

Copy of Stealth 12.10.06 008.jpg

that looks stunning pete!! maybe you could buy some tyres without the fresh rubber bits on the edges??? ha!