Im bored again

Iv some trick bits on the way all to be reveald soon ??


Copy of Stealth K5 4.9.06 003.jpg

Bit hard to guess innit mate?

Here mister can I have some of that dosh that you have please

He aint putting the moped front end on the gixxer is he?


Now there’s an idea!

Looking forward to hearing/seeing more Pete.

Try Ohlins front and rear amd Brembo fronts and Marchesini !! not cheap

Thats gonna be soooo nice when its done! Lots of pics please.

Nice Pete there gonna be real nice

Just got the calipers yesterday


Stealth 14.9.06.jpg

bored?? you should try riding it pete, its not a garage ornemant you know


U sure Si?

Very nice Pete! More, please!

No Flatout it will be a work of art, forks will be here soon so hopefully get front end done !! Now the Marchesini wheels should i get black where theres a 8 week wait or get gold straight away ??

Do black there worth the wait your rides going to be as sexy as fu*k Pete

Yup wait and get black wheels!

BST Carbon Wheels = Bike Porn. HPS knock em out. Or I know a man who can get a discount.

Any more developments? Pics?

Sorry guys iv hurt my back thats why things are a little slow, orderd rear shock yesterday and waiting for forks to return. Heres a pic of sexy Brembo HPK calipers.



Oh you tease! Fancy just being generous and just letting me have the calipers for free eh Pete?

Yes mate NOT