I'm bit too tall.....

…for most sportsbikes. I mean, for commutable comfort of 16 miles round trip that’s only going to get bigger. Possibly double that. I’m 6"3 and I reckon I’m about 3" too tall for it to be bang on. However, I love the look of them, and I wouldn’t mind owning one for a year or so. Even if it would be a heart over head purchase.

I know this is is a rather generic question - possibly too generic, but how easy is it to raise the bars on most bikes and are most bikes able to accommodate?

I’m looking at ZX6, 600f, 600RR, R6 and GSXR600/750 at the moment. All around the '04 plate or slightly before.

As I said, I should be looking at different bikes but if I wanted to be all practical then I’d drive my car.

Cheers for any input.

i’m 6’3", used to commute on a 748 to work and currently do a 10mile + each way on an r1. its not a prob

how you ride 'em and how you grip them/your fitness/posture make a big difference


I am 6 foot long, ride an '01 Aprilia RSV Mille and I’m on full reach to handle my bike, the pegs are higher than I’m used to but overall it feels like the bike wasn’t designed for a hamster to ride it which is nice :).Find a dealer and blag a test ride, they’re all gagging for business atm I think.


I’ve spent most of my life going for the safe option. Guess what? I wish I hadn’t in many cases.

When you get to a certain age, things like your knees not folding to fit get to be a real problem on sports bikes.

Till then, just go out and do it and enjoy it while you can. You’ll soon get used to the riding position.

Even the trailie I ride felt very strange for a while after a week or so on a Bandit, yet, years ago, I’d swap between Vespa scooters and sports bikes without a second thought.

So go do it while you can.

Sports Bikes are not necessarily the be all and end all. Have a look at a nice SV1000, Daytona 955, Sprint RS and such. I can fit on those and I am 6ft6". Shorty.:smiley:

think you got probs ?..chenster is built like the proverbial s**thouse door and makes his ZX10 look like a 125…dont stop him though :smiley:

I’m 6.2 and dont really find sports bikes too bad, they do look a bit weird when I see photos of myself on them… The GSXR 600/750 K1/2/3 shape is a really nice one, slightly bigger feel, when I have mine back on the road you are more than welcome to have a sit on it if our paths cross at a meet :slight_smile:

I found the new CBR600RR’s a bit too small for me, same with the newer R6’s

Makes me feel glad to be under 6 foot (just).

Im 6’3 and I find my K4 Gsxr 600 comfortable - the 04/05 R6 that I looked at aswell felt comfortable too, probably more so. I sat on a K8 600 and it was definately smaller than mine and I didnt feel too good on it but I would have probably adjusted to it.

Same as Elad I found the CBR600RR quite small, same as the 06 shape Ninja.

Im 6.1" I think (Never really bothered to measure myself) and find my R1 comfy enough. But like Oldguy says mabe im just used to it. Really wanted the bike and didnt even look at other makes or models when I was in the market to buy it so I got what I got regardless.



Haha agreed - on my 748 I looked like a monkey f—ing a football! :slight_smile:

I’m 6’4’’ and have had a vf400r and a buell xb9s. Wernt to bad. although apparently i did look like gorilla trying to hump a football from behind :doze:
Currently got a '99 zx6r, which is massive compared to the latest 600’s, the zx6 stayed large untill 2003ish and I can spend hours on it…

But now you look like a gorilla trying to hump a bogey now matey :D:D

how ya keeping long time no see ? :slight_smile:

I’m 6’4’’, and i had a sit on the new Triumph 675 at this years london bike show, that seemed really tall for a sportsbike, and fitted me pretty well. I’d suggest having a go on one of them :smiley:

oi i resemble that comment


as the guy said if you want to be practical get a car…

Always trying, never getting anywhere :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to bad mate, bikes been off the road for the last month but have put it all back together and taxed/moted it yeasterday so may well be at a few LB meets soon :slight_smile:

I’m 6’3" and for some reason, have a need to try out a Honda Zoomer

I found out a while ago that the stupid little space under the seat is for carrying a skateboard!! Haah, I think it was made for the japs and for some reason Honda thought it would be good to bring it over here. :hehe: