I'm being chatted up!

Got this email today…:D:D:D
Greeting my dear,

Complements of the season to you. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to you. My name is Miss Sonia and my contact address is ([email protected])
I am a young beautiful girl with full of love and caring also romantic. well I come in contact with your and I loved it, I think we can click together as one body and soul.

Please I will appreciate if you can use my mail address to contact me directly to my mailbox and at the same time I will show you my picture and you also know more about me. Moreover, I want you to know that distance ,race or religion is never a barrier in the course of love.

Thanks for your love, understanding and co-operation. Please I hope favorably to get your reply, contact me with this email address above. I wish you a blissful and a happy moment over there.
Yours sincerely,

([email protected]* )


You will get yourself into some trouble if you reply;)

You’ll get a Trojan only not the one you might be thinking of! :smiley:

send her £500. lewis…she’ll be sure to meet you at heathrow:w00t:

I’ve got one of these too.

I’ve sent her £1000 and she said she’s getting a plane ticket to come and see me!
She looks hot in the photos…
It was all so random… it was soo ment to be!

its a TEST!!! reply saying that you are in love with a beautiful woman! :smiley: :wink:

or say your very rich…very gay and you love nigirian men…:smiley:


This is what I have done in the past hour. I have 11 and a half hours left of the day to make this beautiful woman mine!

I sent £750, i didnt want to seem too rich :wink: or cheap!

Maybe its a bit forward but i have sent my mum to collect her from the airport. she is arriving tonight at 9.50pm at Gatwick.

I want us to ‘be one’ so I will also secretly forward £3000 into her paypal account so we can save for a condo while she is on the plane today.

The R6 will be up for sale by 3pm, so PM if you want to own the beast. I have a beauty now, so no need for this animal!

I cant believe my luck too. This is a once in a day opportunity I have to grab with both hands!

I just hope her Big D dosen’t see this and come too! :wink:

is this one craddle snatching AS WELL as i didnt see her age lol

You sooooooooooooo need to bait her/him :wink:
Too funny.

Maybe she’ll have a family member who needs a UK bank account to offload a few million quid in government funds as well! :stuck_out_tongue:

You should definitely bait her mate! Look here for a few tips… 419 Eater

Have fun! :smiley:

So whens the Wedding? :D:w00t:

ask her if her backdoors are also no barrier to your love :wink:

9:50 you say…
At Gatwick you say…
Hmmm, I might be able to get there ahead of your Mum and make her MINE!
All I need is a good “Your Mum” disguise!
Mwah ha ha ah ha ha ha ha !

Well spoken! Spoken like a true bearded woman in search for a young toy boy for her decrepid and ageing hirsute husband!

9.50 Gatwick, what day?

We have accommodation and work available at various addresses throughout the country and are always on the lookout for girls with no papers or boys with no morals.

PM us with details and we will spirit them away.

£10 each? :cool:

Good to see that Jizzstream is still not inhibited by such trivia as good taste.

Oh, by the way, MI5 have just put you on to their watch list for that email.

Banking on you and Mrs OG for a safe house and training centre.:slight_smile:

MI5 are in our upper lapel pocket as I was a public school boy so dont make threats you cant back up, you old school Liberal fogey. Your past is clearly in our domain so back off now.:cool: