im back!!!!!!

yep indeedy…smiled has returned off his travels and is bursting to get back on my bike…

i have missed you all and and cant wait to catch up…

i will be posting up alot of the bikes i have seen on my travels and a few of the ones i rented…

im bluddy knackard at the mo so this is a bit short but just to say i have missed all my buddys like mad…

i cant wait to come out to play!!!

see ya’ll soon guys…its good to be home…

for now

wondering smiled.

wecome home fella

looking forward to seeing your holiday snaps on a rainy night

Welcome back mate! We’re having a bit of an extended summer atm! So who are you again?

dude!! welcome back!!

you and the fiddy are now one again.

Didnt u go to Ibiza???Do tell us ure explots!!!

So will you be out on Friday to tell us all about your hols??

welcome back!

Welcome back fella…Thanks for all the support…Top Banana.