I'M BACK!!....


If you didn’t notice already I haven’t been on LB.com much these days… Firstly I’d like to say that I’ve missed all you guys and being away from the biking world for a little bit I was getting lost!

Anyway, I was so busy to start, going out partying and sorting out my girlfriend with her new car and us a new apartment which has been so hectic… Then I took her to Paris for a nice little surprise romance trip for a couple of days which was good to get away from London for a little bit. AND THEN…

I got Acute Tonsillitis! With the flu same time! So I’ve been so ill for the past week and sat in bed. Although the best thing is Jodie is taking good care of me! lol… Only just got enough strength to leave my bed and turn on the PC to feel comforted by the biking world again as I haven’t been on my Baby R6 in ages!

What have I missed?

Anyhoo, hope everyone on LB is doing good! Jay, Tash and everyone hope all is ok!


Who are you?

Welcome back! Are we getting welcome drinks, specifically imported from Paris, perhaps?

Hello mate, nice to have you back, hope your coming out on Friday if your health and more importantly if Jodie allows you to.

Bar is open Paivi, I’ma stick with Bottled Water for now, doubt straight Hennessy will help at present!

I would Sam but I’m afraid I already have plans… if I’m well enough on Friday a work colleague is leaving so we’re going out for a drink at Chandlers in Ealing… What do you mean if Jodie let’s me!!! I don’t need her permission lol


PS… OMG… look at my posts “666” and my real name is Damian, aahhh!

Hey Damien,

Glad to hear ure on the mend mate! Hope 2 c u out soon!

So your getting your own place as well now, lol its all non-stop for you at the moment

Hope you get well soon mate!

O Craig is out and about on the Hornet now, so when your better we’ll have to go out for a thrash lol

Hey mate,

Sorry to hear about your ilness dude welcome back and hope to catch up with you soon.

Well well was wondering what you were up to, you young whippersnapper.

A place for two, romantic trips to Paris, no biking, GET A GRIP MAN !!! It’ll end in tears…

Good to have you back H.

All end in beers I hope

we thought we lost him to a girl… and all those theories we had… lol

See you Saturday if your coming to the LB xmas party

Quick Quick. Post something else to get you off 666!

Get well soon.


I know, I know… How mad, I thought I’d never get caught up like this but I’m afraid she’s got to me! We haven’t quite found a place yet, we’re still looking as she has high expectations and let’s be honest so do I… She’s started to look at 3 bedroom houses too which is worrying coz all we need is a 2 bed apartment But the good thing is the big garage I’ll be getting I hope it doesn’t end in tears though Andrew, lol. And anyhoo I’ve always got my bike…

I forgot all about the xmas party man, and I didn’t get a ticket so I’m afraid I won’t be going Hope you all have a good time though, Have a beer on me guys and girls.

Cheers for the get wells peeps.




I’ve got a spare ticket, if you’d like one, Hennessy…

Blimey you’ll get a ticket if you want one - look after your health first though before going tanking into the Hennesey’s.

If there was ever a time to be unwell this is it though - biking?? I was at Heathrow (surprise) this morning at 5 am (no - not lapping the perimeter lol) to meet a friend coming in from India and it was effin freezing.

It wasn’t so bad going out - well it was, but the roads were so quiet I just did a 100mph job - to get me there quick, came back in traffic - rush hour scene - seemed even colder after the dawn, this winter lark is making me feel old dude!!

Hey fella, nice to have you back, glad we can help with the recouperation! All the best… Feeling well enough to come along on Saturday to the christmas bash?

Cheers Jay, I’m in two minds about coming… Don’t really wana get another cold getting the train into Central and that, and duno if what I’ve got is going to clear up by then either, I still feel really ****ty! I’ll let ya know mate

I started her up today just to check if she were ok, and I noticed the chain was rather rusty, so out came the cleaner to clean off the sprocket and chain and then a good lube over to make it silver again! Then one thing lead to another and I ended up cleaning the whole bike Ooopz… God I hate these winter months, no fun what so ever!


I was wondering where were you mate! Nice one, glad you had a nice time! Now go back to chat to us!

Cheers Cezar! Don’t worry, I’m trying my best to get on the PC, Jodie’s at work at the minute so I’m all good to chat, lol. As I’ve been gone for quite some time, I thought I’d order this;

what do you think mate?


I like! The R6/R1’s have always had the best huggers, which was why I never got one for my gixxers before now. You’ll love it, the only thing is, you can’t see it when you’re riding (unless you fall off)…

Don’t make yourself ill and come to the party if you’re not up to it fella, your healthy is worth much more than a night out!

Just bought one of those for my ZX12R … got from Pyramid … it fits nicely & looks beautiful!