I'm Back from Frankfurt...

and had a great time. It was wonderful to actually MEET face to face the people I’ve been working with for the last 3+ years.

All of our European Controllers were there…UK, Czech, France, Italy, Belgium, Luxumberg, Switzerland, Germany, India (why India rolls up into our European business group rather than the Asia Pacific business group is a matter for debate LOL)…

We spent each evening after the meetings in various pubs and outdoor restaurants watching the World Cup…I came away with an entirely new perspective on the game having experienced the “atmosphere” for myself…

Truly a brilliant experience…I was sad to come home. I think the Continent suits me. I’ll post a couple of pictures from home tonight…I’m at the office and suffering from truly epic jet lag atm…


Dont know ya but glad to hear ya had a good time mate. hmmm pubs sound like a plan.

Cool KSG glad you liked it over here (again!)

Try and rangle the next trip to include London tho eh?

Hi Gregman… Glad you had a good time and got to experience the madness of soccer and their fans… Can’t wait to see your pictures…

I’d love a trip back to London…lots of friends there…and some new friends here at LB I’d like to tip a few pints with. Scrounging up a bike for a blast up to the Peaks District and/or a track day appeals to me too. All it takes is time and money, right?

In any event, here are a few pictures from the Frankfurt trip. Great city…had a good time.





A few more…




A shot of Greenland from 38,000 feet.

Did the Vikings get away with the WORST case of “false advertising” in history or what? LOL Greenland…the entire damn island is ice and/or rock. It looked like hell on earth to me…



Great shots mate … not been to Frankfurt … in fact I’ve only been driven through a small part of Germany once and would love to go at some point.

As for Greenland … my worst ever flight had the worst ever turbulance flying on the strait of Water between Greenland and Canada … a plane full of screaming people with me quietly cacking my pants looking down at that scenery as it apporached and wondering whether we would hit sea or land !!

Nice pic but a right horrible memory for me !!

glad u enjoyed it here…

im from frankfurt as you know, and im really impressed of the games and of all fans.had a lot of fun with english fans in nuremberg as well.

here are pics of england-paraguay

more information here: