I'm annoyed - Link pipe problem

Mine is made in Somerset:D

My Leo Vince is great on my KTM :smiley:

wildboy, you do know i’m italian right? :smiley:

leo vince has been established for years, this one looks unmarked and unlabeled. i personally would have steered clear of it.

I know Alba! I was only joking. :smiley:

Re the brand, the guys have been 11 years doing silencers while they are not close to Akra, Scorpion or Leo Vince, people were talking good about them, so I thought I gave them a try, plus they have attractive prices. People fit them on a wide range of bikes and the feedback is generally positive. Maybe it just has been bad luck, or an incompetent workshop, I will find out soon. On the other side, the price is attractive and except for that little problem I’m happy (so far) with them, plus they do what I wanted them to do, which is noise (a lot of it), no more pedestrians jumping in front of me :slight_smile:

I will keep you posted

‘incompetent workshop’ gets my vote :wink:

Which is a proper shame for the sake of less than 50p worth of RTV silicone :ermm:

I’d take it back and tell them the error of their ways and demand a proper job be carried out immediately. To blame the can manufacturer/supplier for a back pressure blow at the join is totally out of order.

Odd that a custom pipe won’t fit.

Seems the mechanic only said that it was a bugger to fit.

He should have said that the consequence was that it would start to pop apart and leak… he probably didn’t say that because the next line would have logically been…

“If you get any problems bring it back”!!!

The popping is probably due to the fuel system needing remapping.

I’m fearing that it might be the case

I’ve just emailed Roadsitalia describing the issue, once I hear back from them, I will talk to the workshop and see what they can do for me. I do want to hear both sides first before making any accusations. I’m still waiting before I have to go to the Praise or Shame bit of the forum and leave the conclusion…

CBF500 is carbed bike. Does not need rejetting for new exhaust either.

I thought the reason they made the CBF was because the CB needed an update and it would need to be injected?

What do I know :Whistling:

I’m keeping my mouth shut too :Whistling:

carbed in 2008 it appears

Scorch I should have paid you a visit to be honest, but after I saw that you are based literally on the other side of town from where I am, I decided against it.

Next time I will literally go the extra mile and listen to the good reputation you have earned here.

I can’t help but I’ve written a song to the tune of the Skeleton Dance to try and cheer you up.

Dem bikes, dem bikes, dem damn bikes,
Dem bikes, dem bikes, dem damn bikes.
Dem bikes, dem bikes, dem damn bikes,
Repairing dem god damn bikes.

Your link pipe’s connected to your
down pipe
your down pipe’s connected to your
your mani-fold’s connected to your
Repairing those god damn bikes.

your eng-ine’s connected to your
bike frame
your bike frame’s connected to your
foot pegs
your foot pegs’s connected to your
flip flops
Repairing those god damn bikes.

your flip flop’s connected to your
number of toes, small bones, joints, muscles, and soft tissues
your number of toes, small bones, joints, muscles, and soft tissues are connected by neural pathways via the brain to your
your fin-ger’s connected to your
wheel mouse
Repairing those god damn bikes.

your wheel mouse’s directly connected to the
the inter-net’s connected to the
people of italy
the people of italy make
dodgy stuff
and that’s whatsa gone wrong here.

+100 for the effort

Here you forgot the music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e54m6XOpRgU

Just updating on the matter, I just called the workshop, told him the issue and at first he defensively tells me that he warned me already, on top of that he’s added that the product was poor (that’s new, meh). Rather than confronting him, I’ve asked for solutions, and he’s told me to bring the bike around to check it, and if it’s an easy fix he won’t charge me… fingers crossed. I haven’t heard back from Roadsitalia yet…

Wouldnt it just be easier to get a few tools out and adjust it for tightening yourself? i mean it would save on the aggrop of having to take it back?

I know, but my mechanical knowledge is very very limited, I don’t have a wide range of tools, and If I can get an expert to fix it (for free) I’ll give it a try first.

cheers anyway

Well hope it goes well :slight_smile: