i'm an idiot

i just went through red light in a busy town centre, no camera flash but there is a cctv camera…

and i stopped just before yellow box area and waited there like a complete [email protected] not knowing what to do…and was overtaken by cars on either side of me thats when i realised that it’s time to make a move…

worst of all i saw that it was red, but my brain did not compute, it just disregarded it. i’m my own worst enemy.i’m tired too, i take holidays to recover and feel fresh & by the time it’s comes a sunday i feel absolutely wrecked. i want to chill out so badly

we all make stupid mistakes at times…it’s part of being human,just depends if you learn from the mistakes and try not to repeat them in the future :wink:

get some rest and take it easy…riding takes it out of you and makes your concentration slip when your tired so dont push yourself, fingers crossed on the cctv :slight_smile:

i think if the camera see’s you stop and not just drive through it with no regard you should be ok.

You will only get fined if you were holding up the oncoming traffic/turning traffic. Having said that, if you get the fine, just pay as they will have video evidence of you. It’s all down to the disgression of the operator on that one.