I'm a Richard Head

Discuss hahahaha

Don’t pull any punches, I know about 4 of you but heyho just launch into one at me, I’m a BIG boy (so the girls say) so i can take it

I’m not sure I follow you bro. Are u on the sauce ;):blink:

he’s a d1ck head lol

yes but why :stuck_out_tongue:

Coooool thread:D
your wheelies are sh1t…

he rides a gixxer :w00t:

gonna stand back and wait for my abuse now

you read his forum name but missed the big picture of a blue ZX10 ha ha.

I have a feeling his name is actually Richard, and his surname is actually Head.

because you used the big c in a facebook status ending in hahahhaha ?

I said don’t pull punches but Dude, DO NOT attack me wheelies or else hahahaha

It ain’t a Kwak, its a GSXR1000K4 in ZX10R clothes haha