I'm a lucky man

Got an email from my Mrs today saying that she had booked me and my Brother on an all expenses paid weekend to the Jerez Moto gp, full VIP treatment package.

Then got a text saying Happy Valentines, still struggling to breathe.

Can’t bloody wait.


That’s is such a nice pressie! Amazing!

Has she by any chancebeen looking at/making hints about cars/bikes lately???

Coz you know you have to top that present??!!??!!

She hates bikes and can’t drive.

But your dead right, now got to go window shopping.

Problem solved right there - intensive driving course!! bout the same price as ONE of the VIP tickets!!!

May I suggest a t-towel and cleaning products to freshen up the house while you are away.

Lol Always knew you liked living dangerously!

LMAO - from your avatar i think you still on the waiting list aswell -


hahahaha I was going to reply to that one earlier, but my work blocked the site.

The bloke on the right looks like he has fat ankles.

Is that ALL you noticed !!!

Wow, what a wicked present!! You are a very lucky bloke