Im a donut

Turned up today bright and early for work as I’m a demonstrator for a mahooosive print manafacturer.

Today is a massivly important dem for a huge customer, mega money, mega deal to be made.

And heres me the donut - Cleanly shaven, Smart shirt, Black trousers… but wait for it…

And Alpinestar boots :D:D:D :blush:

Forgot my fuggin smart shoes :stuck_out_tongue:


Whats wrong with Alpinestar boots?:cool:

Lol, bet that was a good look :slight_smile:

Ooops :D:blush:


So are you having to wear them all day or are you gonna go out and get some?

You never know - might not be as bad as you think. I once got a job because the guy at the interview wanted to see what kind of muppet would forget to sign the application form.

Maybe the buyer you were pitching to has an interest in bikes?

Actually no - yeah you fugged up mate.

Yep wearing them all day :D:D:D

Customer dont look like a biker :hehe::hehe::hehe: so thats that idea out the window :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job you don’t have White or Multi coloured Boots, as that would be a great look…PLONKER:D

You plonker, Rodney!!! :wink:

lol, ah well live n learn!

Trousers inside boots or out?

Pics please:D:P:D

lol class

I turned up to work once forgetting my smart trousers. Had to wait till 10 for Next to open :hehe:

If it makes you feel any better I had an interview with a CEO (for an article, not a job interview). Figured I’d bike over as it’d be quicker than public transport. It took longer than expected to find the address and I was a few minutes late. They were waiting for me in the lobby so I had no time to change into my smart clothes and did the whole interview in my power ranger gear. Not too professional, especially as the last time they’d seen me I was in my suit.

That’s funny, i had done the same several times after I started biking. In the end I took a pair of shoes into work and left them there. Far easier.

Ya silly sod! :smiley:

You should explain that the latest EU legislation requires any demonstrator of office machinery to be equipped with safety boots to avoid any injury from falling paperclips;):smiley: