I'm 30 TODAY!!!!

Should I be pleased about that?


I have lots of cake.

happy birthday BM, next time we meet at the burger van i’ll buy you a coffee :smiley: (its moved now, its further on towards Oakdene)

Happy Berfday M8 :slight_smile:

Welcome to the club :wink:

Happy Birthday M8!

Happy Birthday :slight_smile:

Wowzers Happy Birthday fella!

Many Happy Returns! All downhill now :wink:

happy Bday BM.

@Claire… U seriously can’t be 30 already!!!:crazy::w00t: Ur supposed to take the years off not add em on! I’d say 26-27 tops!:blink:

Happy Birthday :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday. Don’t worry about your 30s. They’re just like your 20s, but with money. :wink:

Ahhh… 30 … those glory days, someone pass me my prune flavoured Santogen… Happy birthday fella!

Happy Birthday :smiley: I will never turn 30 :smiley: Plus im happy to still be under 25 :smiley:

Haooy birthday old boy…Another year nearer the pension :slight_smile:

Hippedy Hop Dude … hava good 'un!!

happy birthday geezer!

Be happy, it’s your birthday

says who?!?! :crying:

Happy birthday!

this does not apply to Lewis :slight_smile:

o yeah and welcome to the club

the +30 club

:cool::cool: M.H.R. Have A Good Day & Night ;):wink: