Illegal Plate Positioning

I shit you not, 30% of the bikes I’ve seen while riding most of the past few sunny days have had their plate in this sort of position.

I’ve seen people say that most of the time police don’t pull you for a slightly smaller plate than usual, but surely they’re pulling every time for this.

I’ve seen a few lately with the plate flat against the panel just below the light in that pic.

Judging by the amount you see, not sure how much the police are doing about it, but I’m not willing to find our personally.

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For sure, not something I want to try and I actually quite like the look of my slightly smaller plate (lol) on the back of my neat tail tidy. Just curious about it, but it’s probably safe to assume that police aren’t doing much about it due to the amount you see. That’s really surprising though bc I assume most do this to stop speed cameras snapping them rather than the aesthetic.

I guess not much gets done because there are not that many traffic cops roaming around to spot them. But Surrey Road Cops tweet about some of the stops they do, and have included stupidly positioned plates. Can only recall them mentioning smaller plates when there was another reason for the stop, though.

“Number plate not fixed to correct position and not clearly readable…will always draw attention from us.”


You will get a tug for that at some point for sure. I have!

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Spot on. Not enough police in general and traffic officer numbers have dropped over the last 10 years so there is no one to do anything about it. Plus they are swampped with more serious crimes so people know they can get away with it.

I got a tug for a lot lot lot less…

A plate that was marginally upwards angled and blue bolts rather than black… Go figure

Don’t go to Wales with a plate like that. They’ll have you.

This one was a first for me, guy/girl is an idiot but love the initiative.


might as well not bother at that point

Yes better to say it fell off than that effort.

That’s probably an “I may as well do you for the race can too whilst you’re stopped. Is that a ‘not for road use’ visor you’re wearing?..” moment.

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Rather than ruin my Ktm off roader, I used to carry my number plate in my rucksack. Never got stopped once, Lagos coppers aren’t all bad :grinning: