I'll never moan about the M25 again

Traffic Jam that ain’t a traffic Jam this is a Traffic Jam

30 lanes wide DAMN!!!

but that is not the motorway… that looks like the toll booths. In greece the three lanes of motorway expand to 10-15 easily for the booths and they’re commonly jammed during high peak.

Yeah, there’s about 10 lanes of toll booth on the M1 toll but only 3 lanes of motorway in each direction.

And there is this http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/23561257 :smiley:

Don’t pass over the stop line kids…

bah. stopping at a toll booth is for pansies!

@me-groovy - that’s hilarious. lol

When I visited China (2010) there were reports on an 11 (eleven, not a typo) day tailback on one of the motorways…