I'll get the Beers in then.......

Just registered; been surfing for a while finally got round to registering

Beers on me…

Welcome to LB :smiley:

So tell us a tad more about yourself :wink:


oh go on then…:hehe: but to save me typing it all in again have at my website:


first heard about this site when you sent one of your photographers down to Lydden Hill.

tend to waste a lot of time on visordown.com and www.ktmforum.co.uk; but i’ll try to waste some on here as well; tis all better than working aint it:D


and mines a coke, i don’t drink:w00t::smiley:

Hi and welcome aboard and mines a pint of London Pride please.

Hello and welcome, nice stoppie:cool:

Voddy and Diet Coke for me ta!

Welcome :smiley: