Il Bandito bites van

After two and a quarter years of commuting, Il Bandito has had his first “oops”. No particular problems, just one of those 50/50 meetings that are all too common in London with a bike/van interface as the end game.

But why, oh why, was he riding my bike when he did that?

Where do I get a copy of “Sod’s Law”?

is he ok?

hows the bike?

Please pass James my love!

I hope he’s ok and I’ll be round with the lemon sponge and sympathy!


Sorry to hear this oldguy. Yep - has a ring of inevitability about it. . .

  1. He stole it while you were not looking - beef up your security

  2. You were so kind as to lend it to him - be more mean in future.

(Hope he is OK and it doesn’t take too much to fix the bike):slight_smile:

I’m sorry to hear!
I hope he’s ok and the bike isn’t too bad?

Thanks for the expressions of concern about the sh*thead. He’s as O.K. as he ever was.

The bike is interesting. I always thought that the handlebars sort of indicated the direction of travel, well, at low speed. No. Not any more. But the forks go up and down like they should.

The L.H. graphics didn’t use to look like that. Pity they are under the finish. That’ll cost.

Then there’s the wheel and that’s a problem. Needs a new rim, but do I put it back as standard or drop it to 17" for a better choice of tyres? You know, the ones with road grip. (Unlike the original eqipment Pirelli thing.)

Last problem. Is an older person going to look a complete twank on a Bandit tomorrow?

Thanks for the thoughts guys! It was nothing too serious - though i know lady luck was smiling at me! I walked away with not a single mark on me, could easily have gone over (Tip from the foolish - If your going to be hit by a van, the big flat bit on the side hurst a lot less then the pointy corner bits! - I even managed to bounce! Let of the fat jokes up the back please!)

As Oldguy says - Sods law it was his bike, i really really do wish it had been mine… i feel like a prize prat, even though ‘it wasnt my fault’ and thats the line im sticking to :smiley: - As pointed out on another post here, superretard are built of prett string stuff - i think the bandit would have shattered on impact!!

Im taking the bike to Inmoto in Croydon tomorow to get the guys to give it a once over (And untwist the forks!?) - Should be fun… now wheres the credit card :w00t:

Sincere… thanks for the offer of Lemon thpunge - You have no idea of its mystical healing powers! We DO need to meet for a coffee/ Beer/ Several some time very soon!!

I aim to have Oldguy back on the aprillia in no time… Not only will he be much happier, but i get to go back to a bike with PROPPER BRAKES AND ROAD HOLDING AGAIN!!

Thanks again for you thoughts Y’all :slight_smile:

You know you want to supermoto it! :stuck_out_tongue:
Is the hub ok? In that case, you could get some 17" rims and spokes and keep the hubs, that’s a lot cheaper than new wheels.

Glad the little one is ok by the way :wink:

Pirelli (shudder) had those on a bike once, never again. Shocking tyres, couldn’t believe how bad they were, the only other choice for that bike at the time was Bridgestone Battlewings.

Any back on track glad you hit the side, the panels on a van are easily deformed. Good you came of with no injuries, shame about the bike though, but bikes can be repaired or replaced.