Iiyama Prolite B2475HDS-B 24" LED monitor

Prolite B2475HDS-B 24" LED, HDMI, DVI, VGA, 2ms, Height Adjustable

I had this monitor for a couple years (bought in May 2012) when it suddenly started turning off without even touching it. Thinking that it was dead I bought myself a new 27" monitor and was about to take the old one down to the rubbish containers when decided to check the warranty and it turned out that it was still fixable! I contacted Iiyama and they sent me a replacement one, which is the one I’m selling.

It looks brand new but was delivered in a box with no cables or manuals so it could be a refurb. Works perfectly though, which I can demonstrate when you pick it up (sorry, can’t deliver, got no car).

It’s a cracking monitor as Iiyama have long been known to produce some of the best quality monitors but, as I now have the 27" one, I have no room for the old one and therefore would like to sell it.

I have no idea about prices but would want something around £90-100 for it if possible. Negotiable for the right person.

Here are some specs for the tech savvy: http://www.iiyama.com/gb_en/products/prolite-b2475hds-1/

£80? Anyone? :slight_smile:

And prospective purchasers would have to pick up from where?

These are utterly superb. I had a 24" inch copy which I left at work. Brilliant for colour accuracy: I calibrated mine with a Gretag Macbeth spider and the reproduction accuracy is the best next thing to a CRT. I miss not having one for calibration proofing.

The vertical positioning is really sweet, but it’s the rise and fall column which really makes it ergonomic.

I’m sure Mike will figure a way to strap it on the pillion seat :slight_smile:

Duh!.. Totally forgot to mention it. I’m 2 minutes away from Stratford, E15.