Ignoring users

Hi, other forums I’ve used have a feature where you can hide any responses from certain users I chose in my control panel. Might be a way for the regulars to avoid being bated by trolls?


Yeah this simply has to stop I mean its just gone way to far…! :rolleyes:

I can see it now. Two users who are ignoring each other unwittingly agree to attend a small ride out.

You’re making the assumption that all the posters have a motorcycle and have the bollox to actually meet up with real people :slight_smile:

hahahaha. Would be nice to have a nuke button but tbh nothing bothers me. I only retaliate if im in the mood. Must be very anoying when someone ignores you… :Whistling:

Internet trolls dont leave the house so dont hold yer breath matey :smiley:

Er did you just retaliate, https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=dc8m8ZBi8xE DONT FIGHT IT!!

I think this would be a useful function. I think we should consider binning the current software as there are others out there. As for migrating the content. I doubt we’d miss 99% of it really.


Site would become very boring very quickly.

It would boil down to people posting up crap they are selling (I am as guilty as anyone else) and the odd ride out, so long as the person posting the ride out hadn’t upset anyone recently.

The most interesting things that happen on this site are the contentious issues, the heated debates.

The opposing interests and clash of different ideals is what makes the place interesting.

Take that away where you have everyone that thinks A ignoring everyone that thinks B and vice versa and threads will be boring as hell as everyone agrees with everyone else because they are ignoring anyone they disagree with, and you will have another bunch disagreeing and agreeing with each other, while ignoring everything previously posted.

If you don’t like trolls, ignore them.

I like to try to instruct them in the ways of being a better, more interesting troll. Interesting trolls are fun.

I think you overestimate the use of such a feature Kaos. But, given someone already doesn’t want to engage a user, what further harm is there in then hiding their posts - missing out on sudden enlightenment and mutual respect? Unlikely. As as aside, those interested primarily in debates are less likely to hide each-other…

Most forums don’t hide that there is a comment, but rather hide the contents. An example (sorry it’s large):

It’s quite obvious some of us here are actively ignoring certain users, so why can’t we individually automate it? There is a marked difference between people we disagree on the opinions of, and users that clearly are simply just inserting rubbish into an otherwise interesting topic.

If we went to a bike meet I’m happy to talk to someone I disagree with (and I think most here are), but the person faking tourettes that keeps butting in with no context to the conversation and is purely looking to derail others is why I am requesting this feature.

And I should add, this might help keep people using the site. Within the space of three days I’m already bored of coming here, simply because of having to wade through large inappropriate signatures that are becoming a crushing inevitability.

I don’t think that would be the case Kaos. I’ve no issue with the debates and heated discussions, I don’t often get involved with them though and they are easier to ignore should you wish to as they are usually on topic and in a consistent context. It’s more the posting of vacuous dross that I would prefer not to see. This board also has a high enough member turnover to perpetuate it which is unfortunate. And a bloody quote function that worked would be nice.

Many people have noted that such posts have put them off the site and that is not good for advertising revenue or the community as a whole.

Martin want to get rid of the picture, or simply re-size.

Nothing makes reading a thread more of a pain than having to scroll left and right.

I can’t really be bothered to engage when I can’t read people’s posts without doing more work than usual.

It is a bit of everything.

I like to put picture in post on occasions as picture worth more than thousand words, especially if you dont know them. But even then it related somehow to the topic. It’s ridiculous input and comments, general rude approach.

Discussions are different, and whoever disagreed with someone in reasonable exchange on views I believe is safe.

The limitation of picture size in signature may help as well, 150x150 or 300x300 would do the trick.

And agree with getting bored on forum when sh… floats, I can see clear difference with amount of posts and activity of users on Monday and on Wednesday ( as my current task at work allows me to have auto refresh ON and watch forum ).


Bingo! And some of us can’t be bothered when we have to scroll passed idiots posts… hence an ignore button would be nice.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, I love this community, all the people, but this forum simply needs ripping out and a new working one putting in. Even if you can’t migrate anything.

You can block pictures client side in many ways. For example, I use adblock and have removed both the troll’s idiotic picture and the stupid one that evilblade has. I don’t want to see them everywhere, I remove them. shrug. No big deal.

It would probably be pretty easy to write a greasemonkey script to delete posts from certain posters. If I ever get some free time, I’ll take a look.

As for forum software upgrades - that would be lovely, many of us have offered to help out set up some new forum software, the trouble is migrating the existing forum content, I don’t think there’s much appetite in the management team to switch to new forum software without migrating existing posts. I’ve suggested opening a new version of the forum and keeping the old one in “read only” mode as an archive, but that doesn’t seem to be popular either.

For now, client side is the way to go…

I don’t agree with a certain troll on here.
But I agree, you just don’t engage if you don’t like what they say.
Like what has already been said the world would be a boring place if we all agreed.

I do find lots of folks on here ignore each other on this site, also keen to shoot people down.

I read some of the posts and think gee I would not say that online and never in person. Folks hid behind there keyboard. I only say what I would in person, where as others on here hid.

That’s happens when there is a large group of people not everyone is going to get on.

I think some of the comments here are to be a bit of light entertainment to make a small smile. I know I do that sometimes. I have also noticed someone else doing it. To me these are meant with kind.

But hey that’s just my thought.

The ignore button is a good idea. If you don’t want to ignore then don’t utilise the button. Other members will leave if they keep seeing trolls. They can use the feature and everyone is happy. I’d like an ignore button :slight_smile: ignoring is easy but its annoying having to wade through all the crap