ignition switch replacement

Hi guys, hope you are ok?

last few days someone had fun playing with my ignition switch and i have now to replace it

I got it today but now here’s the problem:

the old is fixed with 2 security bolts, means you cannot screw them out, any suggestion how to do?

once i manage to take the old off where can I buy those security bolts to fix the new in?

it’s a 1991 cbr 600 f…

thanks in advance

You have to drill out the Brake off bolts!
You can get new brake of bolts from a Dealer or possibility Dave Silver Spars, but for a 91 bike I just use allen bolts I would give you the Part no but my Honda Parts System don’t go back that far :-))

I was scared of the truth!!

thanks for the advise, i’ll ask a friend car mechanic for a hand…