Ignition Advancers

Does anybody on here have any experience with ignition Advancers? There is one for my bike that advances the ignition by 4 degrees and is supposed to crisp throttle response up and generally increase power. The thinking is that the ignition is less than ideal from the factory to ensure is passes euro noise and emission regs.

Not too worried about adding power, more curious about how much the engine is messed with for the euro regs.

So anybody used one, good or bad or have any experience with them?

If your talking about a timing retard eliminator or TRE as there known i have one fitted to my GSXR 750.

Mine is called a GI pro and comes as part of a gear inticator, i has 3 maps you can load 4th gear 5 gear and 6th gear.

Both suzuki and kawasaki retard the ingnition map in the first 3 or 4 gears on bigger bikes to smooth out power delivery.

some people will say they are being robbed of the “full fat” power

but you know these guys have been making bikes for some time and do years of reseach.

good throttle control takes years to master, the bike makes are aiming to give you a hand with that…

you will have to make up your own mind, fit one and see you can get a cheap one for 20 quid odd.

you may like it you may think it makes sod all difference :slight_smile:

I have one on my VTR1000 … To be honest, I couldn’t notice any difference.

I’d save your money and spend it on a track day, or advanced riding course, where you’ll notice the difference :wink:

Fitting a +4 degree advancer on a ZX-9R is one of the best mods you can do - cleans up low-down running and makes the bike much more responsive.

Factory settings have to allow for poor quality fuel, but with the quality of petrol in the UK a +4 advancer can make a big difference.

If your bike is tuned and had the compression increased, don’t go to +4, +2 is usually the maximum younwant to be running.

What bike have you got ? Might be useful to find out what advance it’s running now before you change it. What do other owners of the same bike say ?

ive also got one fitted on my zx9 much smoother and no flat spot anymore, when tested on the dyno with and without it the difference was 3.4bhp nothing to notice in power at all , just smoother when pulling away

Thanks for the replies, it isnt a TRE. It is one of these:


Steve, I checked the owners group and opinions are varied. Some think it is great and some dont notice much difference. Its a GSX1400 and the engines arent exactly tuned to their maximum.

Might have a go and see if I notice anything, or might spend the cash on some braided lines and concentrate on my riding rather than adding more power I dont have the skills to use :slight_smile:

I’d give it a go then, 4 degrees is pretty small unless the engine was on the edge anyway. I was considering one for mine too but they haven’t made it yet.

donno steve 4 degrees sounds a lot more than 0.002 of a mm…:stuck_out_tongue: i think chunky said he had on on his TL and advised me to get one also.

Haha that was a TRE i was on about Henry:)

My understanding is ignition advancers liven up carbed bikes well and TRE’s eliminate the power cut in the first couple of gears on injected bikes by loading higher gear maps instead - so two different functions.

However not sure you put ignition advancers on injected bikes as thats sorted out by the ECU and hence a Power Commander?

Adz how are you getting on with the TRE on your Gixer? I have the same bike a K4, and would like all the power in all the gears, as 1st and 2nd are a bit soft when cracked open at mo - is there a noticeable difference?

Update, just been down to West London Suzuki who say the power cut in the lower gears is a myth on a k4 750 at least. They can remap the stock ecu on standard bikes or with a can and are getting good gains - will do it for £160, results here: www.34dyno.co.uk

yup id go for a remap over a TRE anyday!! but were talking 15 quid and 160 quid!!

i have a Powercommander and custom map on the bike.

im using the 4th gear map on the GI pro TRE, which i like…

if you want to liven your bike up drop one tooth on the front sprocket

im running 16/45 on my 750 standard is 17/43 its fairly feisty

OK, so (sorry going a bit off topic here), whats the difference in the gear maps?

different amounts of retard :slight_smile:

phnar phnar:D