If you're wondering why Curtis moved up to the Lake District

British paramedics carrying out jet suit trials



Ground control calling Major @Curtis

Funnily enough I’m Mates with Jamie. We’re part of the BSB medical team

Alas I’m moving into GP land (9-5, better pay and better promotion opportunities) when I move although I was tempted to apply with GNAAS but wanted a more family friendly job and their base is over an hour away.

But I will be volunteering with Mountain Rescue and have blood bikes after me to do some riding so plenty to keep me going!!!

2 months til I’m out of London permanently


as a paramedic in the GP practice?
the other half was looking into doing that, but couldn’t find anywhere that actually was doing it.

Yeah, there’s loads of GP practices doing it now, under the umbrella of First contact Practitioner now

Where are they looking?

She was looking in London, but this was at the end of covid. She’s now a first aid trainer and enjoying that

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