If you're parked in EC1 today

Just a quick heads up, might be nothing but worth keeping an eye out if you’re parked around Clerkenwell/Farringdon area. Just seen a black scooter with 2 people om board, pillion was wearing a black puffa hoodie and seemed to be paying alot of attention to the bikes in both bays along the road. He was wearing all black including the helmet and visor. There were parking spaces in the bay so they obviously weren’t trying to park, and the route they were taking meant they were more or less going round in circles as it’s one way.
Like I said it might be nothing, but worth keeping an eye out in case they are scouting the area. Something just didn’t feel ‘right’ about them. Sorry but didn’t manage to get the reg number.

Sounds like a couple of young hoodlums up to no good.